Where can you find the people who find the ones to sell animal items


Hunting is one of my favorite features in Red Dead Redemption 2. From hunting, you'll get something to eat, throw, and even go. exchange parts of the animal's body for money. Although there are shop numbers around map, just a few of them have a & # 39; buy animal rugs.

Transfer of animal animals into some of the money is one of the easiest ways in Red Dead Redemption 2. Map size considerations; game, there are only five distributors in the entire land, you may ask where there are places where traders have pelt. Fortunately, we have made a small guide to help you sell your animals for quick money.

Every Place Trapper

Favorite Places (

All the places that are currently in place. These are the same place; Everyone who is involved in Red Dead Redemption 2.

St. Denis Trapper

St. Denis Trapper Location
St. Denis Trapper Location

Saint Denis is a trapper located in Saint Denis's Market. You can easily find the pelt trader under a large wall painted in red that shows an advertisement for cookies.

New Hanover Trapper

Trapper Hanover's new place
Trapper Hanover's new place

If you look in the map above, the site is a & # 39; This skin is just on the top of V and E.

Elizabeth Trapper West # 1

West Coast Elizabeth Trapper
West Elizabeth Trapper Item # 1

Just on the north east of Riggs Station, the pelt trader is waiting in the center of a small green field. Try after you finish your hunting session.

West Elizabeth Trapper # 2

West Elizabeth Trapper Location # 2
West Elizabeth Trapper Location # 2

On the other side of the West Elizabeth, you will find another trapper waiting until you reach.

Trapper ready

Trapper area ready
Trapper area ready

Although our aim is to provide you with the places that you have; At the top 5 craftsmen in the game, the game trapper will not be available until you reach the final chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2.

And that's it. Find more directions, tips and games? Then, visit our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide.

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