Which are the toughest sports?


If regular sport is not a good cause of good health, it can also be slow but surely it will be difficult. A new study, run by teams from Mental Illness and Encephalitis Clinic (CMME) and the Paris Psychiacry and Nèoscience Institute, confirm that the use of some of the activities is a. continue to behave unhappy.

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The worst sports sports

To complete this work, published in the magazine For Advanced Behavior, scientists surveyed 48 investigations about finding dependence on the exercise, Anglo-Saxon for their & # 39; most. The data collected was worrying for athletes of different levels, from amateurs to semi-professional professionals.

According to the jobs, the most difficult tasks are badly named, such as triathlon, marathon, path or ultra-track. These represent a standard risk of 14.2%. "In concrete terms, one of seven sports sports enthusiasts," said Professor Philip Gorwood, co-author of the study and CMME pole leader, GHU Paris / Sainte-Anne. There is one thing related to all the sports: the need for important training times. It's hard to be a good runner-up marathon for two hours a week, "he continues.

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The most challenging sports areas in "football games", such as football, tennis, ball-ball or basketball (10, 2% of at risk are at risk), then which they used in a health center (8). , 2%). "Here, the average of the people is more fireweight. In these centers, some come and take a zumba class this week, and others will run Five days a week on caravans, "says Professor Gorwood.


How do you interpret these results? For the co-author of the work, everything is a question about showing the number of training hours. "Every activity is usually a lot of fun everyday. Clearly, how often the exposure is, in other bigger words we do, bigger, we're going to be responsible. It's just like using alcohol. "Not to do it. mentions the feeling of success immediately after the effort – a & # 39; Thanks to the endorphins – and the need to overwhelm and clean up steam that creates sporting use.

Amongst the lessons of this new study, Professor Gorwood remembers the importance of this; it is banned. "We want to provide a message of information and knowledge, so that everyone is aware that some people can be aware of the problem, their suffering and may ask for help." To do this, any athlete can perform a lively test, a questionnaire of eight sporting items. Although Professor Gorwood remembers that exercise exercise is "the best life guardian," he says. emphasizing the importance of evaluating, and warning badly.

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