Which areas can best benefit from Phu Quoc's fever?


Ha Tien has been developed to become the main tourist resort in the & # 39; south end

Ha Tien has been developed to become the main tourist resort in the & # 39; south end

Cash flow is accelerated

By 2017, the Haitian market is a quiet one. In particular, in 2011, the land price of the new urban area is around 2-3 million / m2, to 2017, its price increased from 3-7 million / m2, an average increase of 15-20% / year. However, in early 2018, the land's price recorded sharp acceleration. Surveys show that coastal areas in the Ha Haidh urban area cost between VND15-22 million / m2. Tran Hau's price is 25-30 million / m2. That's up to 300% in just three quarters. Xuan Phuong is a reservoir in Ha Tien City that has land in the new urban area, said Phao Dai Ward, the land he bought from the beginning of 2018, after a quarter people have 150 million inter- pay a difference but it is not ready for a market mark.

The survey showed that Ha Tien had a problem at the same time when the land fever in Phu Quoc and shortly after the Ha Tien government announced that it would be officially going to town in November.

Analysts, Ha Tien's property price has been accelerated strongly as a result of its destination; may be many factors. Initially, information from Ha Tien has to affect its home; This year's distribution of psychologists has been released this year and investments are trying to collect land money. Secondly, shortly after coming to the town, Ha Tien will open many opportunities for tourism development, and, including many major investors for investment in infrastructure and services, this is the reason for the development cycle. Tourism ownership and tourism. Third, in early 2018, the Phu Quoc market went into the hot race tour. Earth fever causes a significant impact on coastal areas. Up to the end of June, when there are market signs at the market, investors will move to move to new financial markets. At this time, Ha Tien should benefit from tourism, a nearby situation, to welcome trading opportunities into "good men" after Phu Quoc's fever.

The increase in prices remains high due to comparative advantage

In the report, CBRE said that it is lower priced for estate projects, higher than the edge, and again. This is in line with Ha Tien estate estate market development law.

Although the price is only 15-22 million for the area; In the middle of the town, Ha Tien's land prices remain at the bottom of the sea compared to other cities throughout the country. For example, Phu Quoc, the price of beautiful coastal land up to 100 million / m2. Tourist attractions at the eastern towns such as Da Nang, Nha Trang or Ba Ria – Vung Tau, face of the sea in the "sky". Some tourist towns such as Sam Son (Thanh Hoa), sea and seas are also over 100 million / m2. New prices in the Sam Mac area have evolved as a result of the FLC's investments. In the same way, Ha Tien gets a lot of money from a large body. At the same time, a large number of visitors from Phu Quoc support this area. With comparatively soft prices, the range that runs still going tall in the future.

Ha Tien is a gateway beside the Mekong to Vietnam section and a Phu Quoc tourist gateway with a waterway

Ha Tien is a gateway beside the Mekong to Vietnam section and a Phu Quoc tourist gateway with a waterway

Professor Dang Hung Vo – Deputy Minister for Natural and Environmental Resources said: The sea from Rach Gia to Ha Tien to Phu Quoc is a great place for the development of tourism buildings. According to statistics from the Kien Giang Tourism Department, the number of visitors to Ha Tien in the first 9 months of 2018 is 2.4 million, equivalent to Phu Quoc Island with 2.9 million. However, tourism revenue is just one-third of Phu Quoc, which has no Ha Tien's place, tourism services are not diversified so visitors do not have to bend.

Nguyen Thanh Nhan, Chairman of the Ha Tien City People's Committee, said the town has attracted 35 investment projects with a total capital of over 4,000 billion in the tourism and services sector, promoting the logo and the ability of Ha Hien as well as to & Creating favorable policy and tax settings for more businesses, attracting bigger deals for investing in a & # 39; promoting tourism in the town.

The Tien Venice Villas Villas Construction and Construction Co-Operative Stock Company is introduced in November. by the sea. The project is located in the Phao Dai region, in the center of the new Ha Tien urban area, including the installation of specialized facilities for tourism in the first time in Ha Tien as an independent bed, sea ​​view bridge, commercial center, tennis courts, airfields, seafarers of more than 1km, restaurants, … The sea houses are expected to expand the supply of luxurious luxury travel services, raising the tourism level of Ha Tien. This will help to add to its & # 39; market and the promotion of Ha Tien's land estate market to & # 39; developed strongly in the future.

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