Which cell phones can not use WhatsApp since 2019


About the BBC celebrates 10th anniversary in January 2019 and its creators work to take other actions, such as the holiday mode. However, not all cells are cells designed to support the new features, which do many of them without. Due to this setting, some will not be consistent with the message application and you will not be able to use it.

The stop request will have been working in the following modules: Nokia S40 (on 31 December this year); and from February 1, 2020, boundaries will also affect the operating system Android 2.3.7 or earlier and the iPhone with iOS 7, according to the Spanish media Countryside.

Also, their company explained they were smart phones They can stop work before the established dates. "Due to the lack of job development for these operating systems, some of the actions can stop work at any time," said the company your website.

In the event that WhatsApp is a & # 39; Stopping to work in a destination, one of the possible solutions to this is try to update the operating system. But if you can not, it's the same options Use similar apps such as Telegram or Messenger No, buy a new phone.

When he reaches the seventh anniversary, in 2016, his plan created a plan in which he stated that the message application would be compatible in the coming years with specific handsets The abilities were not essential to support some of the updates. "When we started WhatsApp in 2009, mobile phones were completely different from today", He mentioned that time Whatsapp on your blog.

At that time, and according to its company, around 70% of the smartphones sold by BlackBerry and Nokia had operating systems. "The mobile operating systems that Google, Apple and Microsoft currently represent 99.5% are in sales, and represent less than 25%," they said.

For this reason, its customers recommended the users of the affected mobile phones to & # 39; get a "newer model from Android, iPhone or Windows Phone" by the end of 2016 to continue to use WhatsApp. Here are some of the tools in which the bid stopped in 2017: the Nokia Symbian S60; BlackBerry OS; BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8.0.

At this time, WhatsApp is compatible with Android devices with the 4.0 or more operating system, with iPhones with iOS 8 or over, with Windows Phone with the operating system 8.1 or longer and with JioPhone and JioPhone 2.

How to recognize your phone's operating system

To find out which Android device operating system, you need to access "options" and click on where it says "by phone". In this menu, as well as the IMEI number, a model to & # 39; phone or memory, You can check the Android version.

In an iPhone case, you must also access "options"; you need to click "general" and "selected information". Once you're there, you can already know what iOS version of the device is; there.


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