Which guests at Mirtha Legrand and Andy Kusnetzoff are this weekend


Mirtha Legrand and Andy Kusnetzoff to compete again for this Saturday. He is from Telefe in the middle of 22 PH We can talk and she, at the same time before the thirteenth century The night at Mirtha.

Mirtha Legrand and Andy Kusnetzoff

Mirtha Legrand and Andy Kusnetzoff

The guests of the journalist are a cluster artist Anitta, hit singer Advertise with us; the actor Brian Buley, to play Pedro there The Pavilion; famous craftsman Daniel López Rosetti; a couple Paula Chaves and Patrick Alfonso, who returns to work together Crazy about Luisa; and Valeria Mazza, which was recently at Mirtha board.

The diva gets the panel from Cortá le Lozano Lizy Tagliani, journalists Flavio Azzaro and Gabriel Levinas, the Chancellor and Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Faurie, and model María Vázquez.

On Sunday from 13 inside After lunch with Mirtha Legrand, the Chiqui Share your table with the singer Kevin Johansen (author of the song Since I lost you), the political scientist and the writer Julio Bárbaro with her daughter Carmela (an old panel member Los Angeles in the morning), the participant Dance Sol Pérez, an Olympic athlete expert in hammer throwing Jenny Dahlgren and the geologist's doctor Jorge Tartaglione.

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