Which is the best to buy a car that will make it expensive to sell


The average price of a car used in Lithuania in the last quarter of 2018 was around 4,200 euros, and Lithuania chose most cars for 4-5 years. Matas Buzelis, Head of Communications Communications Advertising Autoplius.lt, noted that cars of all ages are declining over this period of time.

“When you choose a car you should plan your budget carefully. Seeing how the value of a vehicle has changed, buyers of the cost of the vehicle can predict after a few years, Mr Buzel said. – In some cases, the depression table may be modified by the view of the driver of a particular car because it is accurate information. ”

Which is the best to buy a car that will make it expensive to sell

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What is the best for its value

Autoplius.lt has studied three age groups – an assessment of the value of cars carried out in 2004, 2009 and 2012 over the last five years, which has allowed us to determine which models of motorists saved most of your money.

According to the 15-year-old depopulation statistics, SUVs obviously retain best value. Nissan Patrol, Frontera Opel, Jeep Grand Cherokee, SsangYong Rexton, Subaru Forester – all of these models have the best prices of the best prices – they have fallen from 4 to 19 in five years. .

However, the Toyota Prius hybrid, which is enjoyed by taxi and taxi companies, has a very strong situation. The 15-year or 2004 modules produced have fallen by only 13 per cent in the last five years. – the average price in 2014 was around 4,300 euros, and the average market price for a Prius, aged 15, was around 3800 euros. Not only is the most popular hybrid car in Lithuania, but also the honest and honorable model of this age group.

Honda Horizontal hybrid is thought to be the safest investment among the ten-year-old cars. These fell by just one fifth over the last 5 years – from 6400 to 5100 on average. The second and third place winners were Toyota Land Cruiser and Honda Jazz – their value was down 21 and 24 per cent over 5 years. parts.

Which is the best to buy a car that will make it expensive to sell

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Toyota Prius 2009 models have dropped moderately over five years, with 4th place among the second-hand cars sold in Lithuania in 2009, and a fifth in Honda CR-V – the SUVan. T These settlements have fallen by around 27 per cent in five years.

"The huge demand for hybrid cars that is used makes a substantial contribution to their strong market price," he said.

It is more likely that the majority will be reduced

In the most recent age range of cars produced in 2012, the global impacts of SUV buying movements are evident.

“The drivers who chose the entrance to the city became the smallest city. People just look after cars on urban cars with a better chance of settling down and sitting. Because of their high market demand, this type of vehicle keeps prices well. Of particular value are those models which have high levels of reliability, ”the expert said.

Which is the best to buy a car that will make it expensive to sell

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It shows a paradoxical, but the value of Mitsubishi Outlander 2012 has increased around the decade in the past five years, and the value of Toyota RAV4 and Kia Sportage remains unchanged for the same year. Honda CR-V and Toyota divided posts 4 and 5 with a fall of 13 per cent over a 5 year period.

According to the vehicle market specialist, the most valuable cars are that it requires high operating costs – the highest value – they often lose about half of their value in half a decade. Indeed, the best potential of luxury cars is the ability to sustain a high price after losing much of the value.

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