Which post holder will be raised?


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Tuirc Statistical Instituto (TSI), November will name its inflation on Monday, December 3. Therefore, a longer-term pace of practitioners will become clearer.

Which post holder will be raised?

The CBRT year-end food level expects 23.5 per cent. This also represents an increase of 13.62 per cent for civil servants. So, in 2019, the lowest civil service wage will rise to 415 lires. The basic salary of the officer is three thousand 465 lira. The remuneration of the officer in office will be increased by at least 285 TL. The lowest retirement pension rises to two thousand 379 lires.

The lowest increase for BAĞ-KUR and deployed staff shows at least 12.26 per cent with inflation in October. If the Mid Bank expects to be 13.12 per cent. After a shift increase in the rate of 6 months inflation, Bağ-KUR and staff staff had increased by 9.17 per cent in the second half of this year in July. If the annual inflation is completed as expected by the Central Bank, the employee pension will be increased by 219 pounds in 2019, with a basic salary of 670 pounds.

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Ron Ramadan and sacrifice sacrifice, there is an increase in thousands of bonus payments on the agenda. By publishing the inflation range on 3 January 2019, a new salary increase will be completed.

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