Which sectors of Ukraine's military law have been introduced. Distribution


On November 26, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he would recommend the parliament to go to; opposed military law for 30 days, not 60 days, as recommended by the National Security and Security Trust. He emphasized how the future presidential elections will be held in the planned lines – in March 2019. "And I do everything to maximize the maximum opportunities into the strict lines to strengthen our preparations to protect full-fledged crime with the invasive country, "said Poroshenko. He said that the rule on military law "does not provide any restrictions related to the restriction of rights and freedom of citizens, including the generosity, and so on." You can change your settings at any time. Continue to adjust your settings Find out more BBC Accessibility Help Accessibility BBC Guide News Sport Weather TV Radio Arts More More Search the BBC Search the BBC More News Sport Weather TV Radio The preparation time that was broadcast on its Facebook.

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