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Police officers in the Tribuče in Dolenjska were dealing with an unusual accident or more incident. A driver refused a freight carriage with his & # 39; he stole the arms of the building, so the electric and telephone cables were scratched as long as they were. running, damaging the roof of two dwellings and cable cables and broken branches of trees.

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Through the Tribe, a 54-year-old driver of goods carriages with an untreated highfield rancher was around 15:00 on Monday. During his journey, he built electric and telephone cables, using the roof of two residential buildings. and break rods and branches of trees. The new police officers took the truck and found about & # 353;

As soon as the police told them about the driver, police officers stopped from the Tribe and the driver's station. During their operation, they found that there is no valid driving license at & # 39; transport for passengers and freight carriages, they oppose their & # 39; committee of Novo mesto Police Directorate.

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A 54-year-old driver of goods carriage with an excavator, who had no wrapped arm on the stage, went through Thrìde Monday about 15 hours. During the trip, he screwed on electric and telephone cables, destroyed the roofs of two houses and turfs, and broken branches of trees. The police officers took Novo the truck and examined the circumstances.

Police officers, who were exposed to the public informed of the driver, went to Tribucu and stopped the driver. During their operation, they found that the crime is not legitimately authorized to drive off; driving personal vehicles and goods, the Novo Mesto Police Department reported.

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