While he was & # 39; waiting for the DNA analysis, this is the reason for breaking the "Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata"


Judge Saúl Errandonea decided to make an application to preserve the five accused of a victim of 14-year-old daughter at El Durazno at Miramar, thus giving time for the agent to have a & # 39; awaiting the search results. and new qualifications, including the person who suffers the victim

Not to analyze the evidence well, usually to & # 39; In this sort of solution, Judge Errandonea ordered that Tomás Jaime, Lucas Pitman, Emanuel Díaz, Roberto Costa and Juan Cruz Villalba to continue to be arrested and, except for a trial against each other, their liberty position it would have been reconsidered before any recommendation issued protected or within 15 days when Florence ranks the time to stop the jail. In each case, the judge will decide on the commitments.

Mar del Plata and Miramar were amazed at her case, Its impact at the national level will take place in the early hours of January 1, during the New Year's celebration of the El Durazno camping. This property, of recognized identity and which is & # 39; offering services with first quality quality standards, located on track 11, to meters of access to Miramar.

As it happens every year, many people have been able to. coming into New Year's Eve, the two who had been there; staying in Miramar and tourists, most of them from Mar del Plata. Like the family of a 14-year-old teenager who grew the place, the swimming pool, was so close to his / her; shore, kitchen, woodland and, above everything, calmly.

They stayed at their family group in one of the bungalows and spent a good time. Also in fun training, with the goals much harder to a big storm, five young youngsters from Mar del Plata came out of El Durazno. Within the Renault Traffic truck, they would be used to use sports equipment in the sea, chairs, blue tent, alcohol drinks and, judge how they were found again, some of the marijuana.

Díaz came to his truck and friends Pitman, Costa, Villalba and Jaime to the "D" camping camp. They were inserted by the blue igloo tent and the toll near a stove. In a moving lantern, also blue, they kept more drinks and ice. During the afternoon of Monday and how midnight they introduced alcohol as "everyone" and, according to some witnesses, they did not look violent but sad.

Everything, some more and others were smaller, tried to interact with others and in the middle of the Year's marks. New time they sent to the first time with & # 39; minister. The bath closed at that time and people sing alone. A performance point was not at 2 in the morning where all visitors were gathered.

According to parental complaint, the events should take place between that time and 6:00, when they saw that their daughter had not returned or not. Then searching on a campsite that is going to grow today began. Section by section until you reach the blue tent, beside the traffic truck.

As her mother saw there are seven reserved keys at the procurator's office at Florence Salas and the most important thing for the investigation is. Inside her shop her daughter was asleep, with more than one young person. He did not show how many he had.

According to the investigations, two of the friends agree that they have a sexual relationship with the young man, although this is all subject to what the victim is experiencing; confirmation in the Gesell Room. Certainly, the child's certificate is the mother's test.

There is sexual order injury and are expressed from the medical reports. They are two special injuries.

The sad situation the girl went through and her level of awareness – usually as a result of alcohol – has also been proven. This includes a risk that your statement will be & # 39; leave details or not correctly remember.

However, if the child justifies not remembering & # 39; You can complain about the uncomfortable description of some of the accused in terms of the memory of the victim. Then everything will be resolved in other credits, in the poverty that may appear between the accused and in the test of another main subject: the DNA of the Monday (disappeared (and the time it gets on the results) to find out if semen in the thrush is tolerant and how many helpers.

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