Whistler asks the Alberta company oilsands to change climate change costs


Whistler has come together with B.C. calling on oil and gas industry to go to; pay for budget costs to cover events related to climate change, and that the change is not kind.

In a letter dated November 15 and sent to Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNRL) based in Calgary, the Ward Jack Crompton asked his company to deal with the expenses paid by taxpayers to deal with floods, thirst and bad weather, which Crompton argues on caused directly by CNRL work.

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"As a town with a population of less than 15,000 people, this is an important cost of spending costs related to tourism in winter and summer sport," the letter is read.

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"Your business is aware that its materials are adversely affected by the weather, but are still developing new resources."

An energy-based Seattle-based consultant Terry Etam commented on Global News that employees and business advocates have been unhappy with the letter and their sense of focus fair, because people also have a contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

"There is a problem in understanding how attracting unattracted tourists only encourages the use of millions of fuel and large emissions to & # 39; these emissions are blamed on the units that provide fuel, "he said.

At least one company, PrairieSky Royalty Ltd, has been withdrawn from the annual CIBC Whistler Institute Investment Conference held in January due to maritime ideas, by email Global News received.

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Whistler's master wants

In response to the growing wilderness, Crompton allowed both written and video statements saying he did not; means committing an offense to a person or that any companies or businesses would have; Feeling unhappy in Whistler. He also acknowledged Etam's argument that Whistler residents and tourists also contribute to fossil fuels.

"We do not want to take care of our own role in climate change but to stimulate change and activity on climate change," said the factor.

"We strongly believe that all levels of government, businesses and individuals are responsible for solving and changing climate change costs."

Social media users have also shown that Crompton has its name as the head of a Ridebooker, which offers land transport services throughout North America.

& # 39; Accountability Accountability & # 39;

The demand forms part of an ongoing campaign from the Environmental East Law that has many B.C. to see. towns that write to fossil fuels companies want such compensation, including Victoria, Saanich, Squamish and Castlegar.

The law company's website says that the campaign is aiming at "trying to account for."

CNRL is the only Canadian company with one of the letters to date. Other companies that received the applications include Chevron, based in California, and British Petroleum in London.

Some of the correspondence letters are encouraged. Shell wrote back to the Town of View Royal application in February, and Chevron's representative companies responded to the letter that the Highland District forwarded.

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The two respondents refused to spend money to pay any domestic expenses requested to pay in the letters, but said that the companies were committed to addressing climate change and his / her; designation of their climate strategies.

Air Dec. 10, Vancouver West Bank sent a letter open to all fossil fuel companies seeking the same compensation.

The council also sent a letter to Prime Minister John Horgan asking the department's government to explain the legal effects of the costs of climate change and to keep those accounts accountable.

Andrew Gage, a staff member of the Western Environment Law of Scotland said that it is the responsibility of local governments to pay a claim for compensation for the expenses paid by their taxpayer.

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"The communities are on the lines of dealing with climate change," said Gage. "Those who need to keep us safe from the effects of high-rise walls, dealing with wild interfaces – and those who deal with the effects if they are wild & 39; burning community down. "

Requests for a CNRL comment are not answered.

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