Whistler wants Albertan company O & G to pay for climate change costs


More than twelve B.C. towns have sent similar letters to fossil fuels companies from 2017, requiring protection agents to be protected from climate change events through funding grants.


Whistler town, B.C., requires the oil and gas industry to pay "fair share" by gutting for budget costs related to climate change.

In a letter written to Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. based in Calgary dated 15 November, Prime Whistler Jack Crompton said that home and home tax payers pay 100 per cent of the costs "related to climate change events such as" thirst, floods and real weather. "

He asks CNRL to pay to "Whistler's changing climate change costs," a & # 39; including "$ 1.4 million" investment in wild community protection activities for 2018.

"As a home with a population of less than 15,000 people, this is an important cost of spending costs associated with tourism for winter and summer sport," he said in the letter.

The application is part of a campaign by the West Western Law and the British Union of British Columbia "requiring accountability from fossil fuel companies," the campaign's website is ; read.

More than twelve B.C. towns that are going forward to 2017 have sent such letters to energy companies, and # 39; including an open letter from the Vancouver District.

CNRL was the only Canadian company receiving the Whistler letter, but applications like the city's funding were sent to 19 international representatives, including British Petroleum, ExxonMobil, ConoPhillips, Royal Dutch Shell and Devon Energy.

A draft of the letter was written by its advice; going out of his town before being a town election on October 20.

WHISTLER, B.C .: JULY 30, 2009 – Wildlife brokerage in the tourism community Whistler, B.C., following an electronic strike on 30 July 2009. EILEAN SUPPORT: Ashley Ouellette and Christina Thomas / G.S. Picture & Electronics

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Crompton said he recognizes the "Whistler" benefits from tourism countries from the fossil fuel industry, saying that Whistler does not care for himself in climate change but his / her; encouraging "activity on climate change."

"Our aim is to attract attention to climate change. In any way our goal was to feel that no one in Whistler, "he said in a statement.

Tristan Goodman, president of the Canadian Research and Representatives Association, said he understands the issues that he has; build on climate changed, but it broke out companies through a global problem it does not seem reasonable.

He stated that the letters will express people who are in charge of the energy sector and even send travelers "to reflect on their activities and to participate in tourism towns" forward to the campaign.

"We need to remember most of the Whistler's who drive or drive (who are) using fuel Fossal. Post-West They may want to consider the customer center while they move forward, "said Goodman.

Prasad Panda, depressed MPU and MLA power minister for Calgary Foothills, said that there are any agreements on the region's climate change funding "between the companies and the towns."

"If they come to an agreement with each other, the Post-West is beneficial to those communities and the balance of the companies' records is sufficient enough to support that, that's between them," said Panda.

CNRL refused to comment on the letter when he reached God's night.

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