White nationality is banned from Facebook and Instagram


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The open letter explains the company's decision that it is about phenomena which is closely associated with grain organizations. Although white power bodies have always been banned on Facebook, the social media giant has never been involved in the same way with white nationalism and white separation, "because we were thinking of concepts t wider nationality and separation – such as American pride and the division of Basque language, the key human elements of identity. ” t

According to the open report, there have been Facebook representatives over the last three months on speaking to members of society and academics, and realizing that it's not possible to distinguish from white nationality. and a white separation after all, from white power and organized grain groups. "In the future, people will still be able to express pride in their ethnic minority, but we will not tolerate a suggestion or support for a white nationalism or white separation," writes Facebook.

Energetic giant on social media a revision of his regulations has deteriorated since a New Zealand terrorist attack on 15 March where 50 people were killed, an action that suspected Facebook. Facebook said that the job had been seen a little over 4,000 times before it was removed. Within 24 hours, 1.2 million copies were blocked from uploading, and a further 300,000 have been deleted,

However, the question is not about how Facebook is using Facebook organizations to send out their new messages. In March 2018, a DA examiner said the site was used in Myanmar to encourage violent crime and threats. "The stage has been a beast," wrote the inspector.
The Reuters news agency said that, despite millions of users in Myanmar, Facebook did not have a single employee in the country. Six months later, before an election in Sweden, DN found pages on Facebook to portray as rappers and reported on Swedish leaders who were ruled by the Jewish billionaire George Soros. At that time, Facebook responded in writing: t

“On stage There are so many comments with users, and though a job might be seen as inspirational for some, it's not surely breaking our instructions. While Facebook should be a place for this open communication, we want people to feel safe. For example, our rules do not permit dangerous hazards or attacks on people based on religious or ethnic origin. "

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The Facebook open letter now says that they themselves need to be better and faster in getting materials that encourage hatred. What's more, anyone looking for bright-quality concepts will be redirected to a site where education and support are provided by violent leaders.

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