White Sox is bad about Bryce Harper


Plus: Joe Kelly appears to be a relief target, according to the Boston report

Changes to the White Sox Winter status have not changed. They are still looking forward to landing Manny Machado or Bryce Harper, so big as "Manny Machado AND Bryce Harper" is not officially appointed. Both are happy to handle the & # 39; a courting process to a process, and Machado can take the longer way:

The stars will be out of time, and the White Sox will go on for the trip until it passes. Ken Rosenthal has found the most detailed argument for Jerry Reinsdorf's splash's desire, and Harper appears to have been able to get her. main place:

Harper seems to have their choice – it is said that Rick Hahn's general manager and former executive chief executive Ken Williams are interested in their ability to be signed. It does not know what's happening on the television, but it is expected that there will be one for White Sox after the 2019 season with another Reinsdorf team, NBA bulls, and the United Units partner, NHB Blackhawks . […]

Reinsdorf is privately stated that the team will benefit Harper or Machado's application, according to a wealth of knowledge of having a & # 39; think. But even with White Sox at least a year away from a dispute, he does not. retiring from struggling the two stars, and a marriage with Harper appears to have been; become more reasonable.

It's probably part of the competition that Harper is in the competition. Brian Cashman said there is no place for the Yankees for Harper in their outdoors, as long as Machado has a & # 39; Failure to fill in short (short). The Dodgers are also cut by outsiders, though Bob Nightengale says they'd like to protect the logjam for opening opportunities. The Phillies are one of the other teams that are generally in line with the two stars, but Machado also loves them.

Accepting that all of these things are real – and it's hard to put that credit there – that's a The Sox Geal makes the people who return to Harper about what they can control. Their commitment, dedication and money are available on the side. If it is a contractual shaping for a team to be included with a larger cachet and a better picture of its & # 39; In case, Sox's hands are attached.

But until the White Sox has been deleted, they still have a new land break in the list, which is the beginning. The Harper contract is going to take much longer than money they've ever spent, and the Sox does not. include the interest or compliment of any show on their performances, whether they are themselves or through their favorite recitals.

And it's not like Machado can be ruled out, either.

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Amongst smaller targets, Rob Bradford, Boston's reporter, said the White Sox is among the teams to "get more aggressive when it comes to the services" of Joe Kelly's helper.

Kelly's figures are not identical to the level of his product over his position – he is sitting at 98-99 over the last two years in a Red Sox bull, but not Even a way to be even equal & # 39; in a pub.

However. Kelly pointed out in every five games and hit 10 sticks to walk over six unplanned rooms.

Kelly does not like to spend on her & # 39; March marketing opportunity is provided.

"I am one of those people, and I have confirmed it in the World Series, I put in a variety of houses in each game and I had the same success. I do not say that other people can not but I do not need to have those special uses when I need to stretch in the sixth, drink my coffee in the seventh and ready. This is one of those things where they can say, "Hey, Joe, you're in the repression." And I can get in and have a great impact because I do not need the same The best, my best time. That's what I realized as a start because I had a lot of time. Do scam reports. Be disturbed. A & Look at the line. One of those things I think is best suited and it has appeared all over the world. Any place, new I'm right, and challenge disciplinary, I do not need a standing rule. One of the people that can not change can not be successful. Just give me the ball when the big tower is needed. Once they are & # 39; Call me name I can explore in a place to go through a whole process. It's never my MO; and I realized that when I came to be an older player in the league. The smallest ones think better. Tell me that I just want the big campaigns. "

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More news:

* Omar Vizquel Moving up to Birmingham after going to & # 39; making a good idea in his first manager at Winston-Salem in 2018.

* Billy Hamilton Finished of anything, $ 5.25 million to Kansas City Royals. The Seal Review says Hamilton does not respond to the current team, but it's easy to go to; think it is hitting Sox.

* Ryan Goins to keep his place on the "Who" s "Who" includes 2019 White Sox spring spring training.

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