White to disperse the island to the luminous day of his life; Drying public bowl milk that was a "last wash" risk – Zhongshi News


A woman has been a well-known actress "University College Student", in summer, not only her face, but her body. Her dancing is also amazing. She is currently working in a variety of scenes, and she is very fond of. In the artistic mind of her diary, and recently she had a busy trip, he flew to Okinawa, Japan, and gradually put it into a winter season in Taiwan, even the bikini sculpture, and the hotest is a & n; means people look hot. South Westerly

Xia Xinfei went to Okinawa for a holiday, took off the summer tail, and let the swimming in November. The weather was good, the bikini was too expensive, and the blade had to be washed. So, I'm sorry that the maker is sorry for myself. The picture of Zhang made a lot of praise, allowing people to see her body, but very good.

Today, Xia Yuxin has set one-piece Turkey Swimmer, not only has left the sides of the house, but also the center of the coffin is also open to the -and. The long legs, the white muscles are clear and the incredible bowl of male milk is released, and let people be hitting. However, his diary said, "That is the last wash", "Repeat the girls' fans to turn my eyes," and message fans can left, "I can not accept it, I do not want," "Stopping the laundry", "I can accept that I've been washing all the time and washing it all the time. I also said that this wave of islands swimming pools in Xia is more than a language than a scale. "It's too hot, I'm not willing to share it."

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