Who accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment?


There are more and more places to accept that they are Feeling they are paying.

Cryptocurrency is a rapidly growing technique and many large companies are now in a position; accepted as a loyalty payment. Companies such as Subway, Virgin, Foods and KFC Canada accept Bitcoin. With small companies that come in are also changed.

A report from the Cambridge Center for Finance said: "There are only 2.9 to 5.8 million people actively using cryptocurrency". By doing a lot of money from going to # 39; invested several years. The report also says that men are more likely to invest in women's expressions. From this research, companies that focus on millennials will be a & # 39; benefit from accepting crypto payments. Most companies can see bigger growth by doing so. focus on this type of spectators.


The Financial Business School based in Paris is beginning to accept payment for courses in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He says, since the institution has implemented the new scheme, about six students have paid for their tuition fees in Bitcoin. About 25% of its students are incomers and many of them have to pay pyramid costs and sometimes cost moving money, that is why it has decided to make things easier with to & # 39; accept crypto payments.


Hong Kong, Binance, based crypto exchange, has launched a $ 2.5 million deposit in Aussie to start on TravelbyBit. TravelbyBit offers a multi-money pay platform. Although it currently supports payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, visitors will have the option to; Binance Coin (BNB) airports are also used as payment by TravelbyBit merchants.


Shopping in Chile can now buy products and services with over 5,000 buyers. Cryptto-clear exchange Crypto MKT has worked with Flow.cl online payments platform, which allows merchants to choose this option to the CryptoCompra.com platform.

There is a trading platform that allows companies to start, grow and manage their businesses, saying that over 75,000 buyers on the site can begin to accept Bitcoin as a payment. Their merchants include shops, jewelers, snow companies, home stores and more. Making a great place to start getting your Bitcoins off.


The global delivery platform, ParcelABC, announces the Bitcoinus blockchain payment service integration to allow customers to pay for their services with cryptocurrencies. The London-based company also seeks to expand to Asia and customers who are currently in the marketplace. likes newspaper pay forms.

Work Art

House of Fine Art (HOFA) states that this is the first art gallery for the complete collection of cryptocurrencies. Owners say they are part of a move to "revive" how art is buying and selling. Elio D 'Anna, the Mayfair gallery maker of London, added to the Evening Standard: "We just knew that this was a great opportunity to go. At the moment, digital money has been made; becoming more common among a wide range of consumers, giving a cost-effective and cost-effective way to exchange value across the world. "


You can buy tours and hotels with Bitcoin, through agents such as Expedia, Surf Air and Cheap Air. Expedia is one of the world's online travel bookkeepers. It uses Coinbase – the Bitcoin third party payment process, to deal with all Bitcoin payments. So Expedia never has a collection or a & # 39; keep Bitcoin anyway because it is automatically transferred to the US dollar by Coinbase.

Gift Cards

All online and offline sources do not accept cryptocurrencies. However, eGifter gives people the opportunity to buy gift cards by Bitcoin, you can use these gift cards in shops. The site's eGifter is a popular gift card that allows people to buy gift cards for use at shops such as Sephora, Amazon, Kohls and many more. Just like Expedia, eGifter will use Coinbase as their Bitcoin partner.


The Great Lakes Science Center has announced that it will now clearly accept payment. Use BitPay to process processes. "Bitcoin accepts just a small part of the ultimate goal of developing a block ecosystem in Cleveland," said Kirsten Ellenbogen, Head of the Great Lakes Science Center. Visitors are able to purchase induction tickets that use cryptocurrencies and will have access to the Visitors Glenn Visitors Center.

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