Who are the members of the Court of Conmebol who decide the future of the River in the Copa Libertadores


After the emergency happened on Saturday when the bus that moved to campus Boca Juniors attack by a number of fans The River in the places around it Memorial Cairn causing the wounds of several players, it is turning to a boat Conmebol to decide how the end is Cup Libertadores.

The club with the city Daniel Angelici He sent a letter in which he was counting a series of laws; may be amended to Article 8 of Control of Control and they could be & # 39; to kill him The River of the war.

What does Article 8 of the Conmebol Disciplinary Regulation establish?

1. The Member Groups and clubs depend on the behavior of the players, officers, members, public, followers and anyone else who uses or can do any action on their behalf during the arrangements, the organization or the celebration of a football match, whether official or friendly.

2. Members' clubs and clubs are responsible for security and ordering within and within the playground, before, during and after their game of supporters or organizers . This obligation applies to all events that may occur in any event, so it is open to a & # 39; discipline control and compliance with the orders and orders that the critical groups can take.

Those who read the report about 15 pages by Boca Juniors and decide on how to do an action are members of the Disciplinary Court of Conmebol. They are five, although they can not participate in the meetings.

Diego Carlos Hernán Pirota, an Argentine lawyer who replaced Ricardo Gil Lavedra, will not be able to vote as set out in article 30 of the disciplinary rule that shows, since he is the same nationality as one of the parties involved, must stop it.

The other four members are:

Antonio Carlos Meccia, which was incorporated into the Conmebol disciplinary body after taking a long time as Justice & Justice Court Solicitor. He was one of the people who led his game to San Lorenzo against Deportes Temuco in the Sudamericana Cup and his / her. rejecting a Racing claim for adverse Bruno Zuculini.

Paraguay Eduardo Gross Brown (president), the Venezuelan Amarilis Belisario (former president) and Silein Cristobal Baldés. A vote will be decided by a simple majority.

In the same court the one recently has blocked Marcelo Gallardo for four games for a while; Breaking the suspension in the Gremio opposition destination was set up in Brazil, when the coach entered the half-time racing room to give technical talk.

At this time, the arrangement should go out on Tuesday, if the complaint has been made, the Conmebol announces its date on which the game is played.

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