Who has built a lot of dust in Croatia?


Today, the Croatian Public Football is dealing with an advertisement on one of the online trips, Bronze World Cup 1998 bronze buyer offers, which won the Croatian national football team after they defeated the Netherlands in the " final of the competition in France.

Luka Modric


In Croatia, Franjo Tudjman, 20, was revived




It's an application, it's a price to & # 39; The first 7,500 euros, and its supplier is not marked on the portal dining room. The auction, organized by Agon Sports World, is scheduled for 7 December and 8. "There are only 30 cases," said the ad.

"I do not think anyone sells from such players, they are all well placed," said Ciro Blazevic coach, 1998 for the Vecernji list, and followed: "& # 39 ; It may have been a stolen coyote that could be away. "

They also reported to the Scottish Football Association (HNS), where they believe they are privately owned and that anyone who does it can do it with everything they want. They comment on its image: "We did not see it, nobody showed us to evaluate," they said to the French Press Group (AFP) on joined and added to this 29th prize in Croatia. Where are they 30. They do not know.

This is an advertisement that has been raised in Croatia.

This is an advertisement that has been raised in Croatia.
Picture: screen capture

"It's a big problem if he sells such a memory, and he does not sell it for any money," said a medical doctor Boris Nemec in 1998, with Zvonimir Boban, Davor Šuker, Robert Jarni, Slabha Bilic, Igor Stimac, Mario Stanic and others.

Thirdly, the biggest success of the Croatian national team is to date this year, but this year it has been developed, and second in the Russian World Championship.

You can see the ad hereSouth Westerly

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