Who is Jean d'Orléans and Louis de Bourbon, who are substitutes to the French throne?


They are the descendants of Louis XIV, for one, and Louis-Philippe, for the other. Louis de Bourbon and Jean's Orleans claim each man as the legitimate heir of these kings. Following the death of the Paris Census on January 21, Franceinfo showed the two constituents to the throne.

Albert II of Monaco, Queen of Spanish Sophia, Prince Hassan from Morocco, former Emperor Emperor Iran Farah Pahlavi … These crowns are revived on Saturday, February 2, to pay a final recommendation Henry de Orleans, counted from Paris, died twelve days earlier than 85. Over 400 people, members of the French and European landlords, attacked Cold cold to attend the service in the & # 39; royal chapel Saint-Louis de Dreux (Eure-et-Loir).

Prince Albert de Monaco, Prince Hassan of Morocco, Queen of Spanish Sofia, Princess Farah Pahlavi from Iran, Jean d ' Orleans, Philomena de Tornos and Steinhart, at Henri d Orleans to Dreux (Eure-et-Loir) funeral, 2 February 2019. & nbsp;
Prince Albert de Monaco, Prince Hassan from Morocco, Queen of Spanish Sophie, Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran, Jean of Orleans, Philomena de Tornos and Steinhart, at the Henri d 'Orleans in Dreux (Eure-et-Loir) funeral, 2 February, 2019. (CHARLY TRIBALS / AFP)

Despite what happened in Spain or in England after a royal death, the news about his death in France did not appear, where the monarchy has extinct long ago . But if so many of the members of the Ghotha were gathered on that day in Dreux, and the deceased is not a supporter as anyone else. Henry Orleans was challenging the French throne, the direct heir of Louis-Philippe I, the last king of the French, ruled from 1830 to 1848. Many of the monarchs and celebrities, including Philippe d 'Orléans, the younger brother of Louis XIV, appeared among their ancestors.

A few hours before the funeral, some of his five children, Jean, 53 published his / her verse; take over.

A few days later, the new French frank comte of Dreux's royal estate, where he has been living since 2011. The navy blue colt will be able to go. go to the ears, personally come with her & her; Prince Jean of Orleans to open the gate, his black black dog. There is a way to the house where it is; to live with his wife and five children. There are toys lying on the front door.

Inside, or house or court staff. Philomena de Tornos and Steinhart, from the nobility of Austria and Spain, Jean D 'Orléans married in 2009, who offered us coffee. "Great or small?" She wants a little weight. In the next room, children & children; laughter in front of each other The foolishness of his majesty Gérard Oury, along with Louis de Funès and Yves Montand.

The Orleans family is in the Dreux royal estate garden, in April 2017. From left to right: Princess Antoinette, a & # 39; Princess Louise-Marguerite, Prince Joseph and Prince Gaston with their parents, Jean d  & # 39; Orleans and Philomena de Tornos and Steinhart. & Nbsp;
The Orleans family is in the Dreux royal estate garden, in April 2017. From left to right: Princess Antoinette, a & # 39; Princess Louise-Marguerite, Prince Joseph and Prince Gaston with their parents, Jean D 'Orléans and Philomena de Tornos and Steinhart. (NIVIERE / SIPA)

The features that are attracted, the circle always screwed on its head, and Paris's account gets found in a small room, looking at the draws of Dreux. Sitting in a brown leather chair, he talks about his long studies (Master of Philosophy and Law, MBA in Business Administration in California), his military service, but also the main themes of the population.

After ten years in the banking department, at Lazard and at Banque Populaire, then in a & # 39; Consulted by Deloitte & Touche, Jean d'Orléans is now defending himself for using 2,500 hectares of the Nouvion-en-Forêt forest. -Thiérache (Aisne), who got from his grandmother to his father.

It is referred to its & # 39; couple to France "very catholic and spiritual" by the animator Stéphane Bern, a specialist of a crown head, which incorporated shoulders with the Orleans family. He gives a picture to Philomena de Orleans as he is "funny, rough and very natural work". "She's talking to people, going to their market, they are chickens and geese in the royal estate gardens"he names. According to that, the mind often adds to them "So-reaching".

They have a green and simple side. Her princess will be & # 39; make leavened bread.Close co-worker of the Orléans familyat francinfo

Philomena and Jean Orléans are involved in a program of Dreux city "to allow young people to root their historical roots through heritage". Each year, they receive twelve school groups for an exhibition of the history of Dreux as well as visiting the estate and the royal chapel.

Their children are encouraged at home. "The schools in Dreux did not suit us so much", said the census. Only the oldest, Gaston, aged 9, arrives aboard in the south of France, where he is a return every fortnight.

Jean d 'Orleans, count of Paris, in front of Saint-Louis de Dreux (Eure-et-Loir) royal chapel, Orleans family neoropolis, on 2 February, 2019. & nbsp;
Jean de Orleans, count of Paris, in front of the Saint-Louis de Dreux (Eure-et-Loir) royal chapel, necropolis of the Orleans family, on 2 February 2019. (FRANCEINFO)

"They are very close to their children, says a shopkeeper from Dreux, who runs arms with her husband. She smells a bottle, and she smells. Then ask me if she could borrow a little bag! " Explained as "Education" and "Feeling", the spouses seem very popular with the people who live there. "We talk about in the newspaper and Prince Jean is participating in home festivals"to add to & # 39; gun gun.

Jean's Orleans is not alone who is the heir to the kings of France. On the other side of the Pyrenees, his cousin is far away, Louis de Bourbon, born in 1974. He is a descendant of Louis XIV to attack; branch of Bourbons of Spain, is worthy of title by the Duke of Anjou.

Maria-Margarita Vargas and Louis de Bourbon, Duke of Anjou, at the Polo international border in Sotogrande, Spain on 28 August, 2016. & nbsp;
Maria-Margarita Vargas and Louis de Bourbon, Duke of Anjou, at the international border of Polo, Sotogrande, Spain, 28 August 2016. (EUROPA PRESS ENTERTAINMENT / EUROPA PRESS)

The life of this French-Spanish tour with the corporate player, is animated by strong Catholic faith, divided between Madrid, the United States and Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. "He's a jet president, he's really traveling", tells Philippe Philippe, historian and journalist specializing in royal families. General Franco's grandson, grandson, called the "Louis XX" with supporters, has been married since 2004 to Maria-Margarita Vargas Santaella, a wealthy wealthy Venezuelan. They live in a room in a post office in Madrid and have four children, and the last, Henri de Jesus, was born on her; February.

Although it belongs to an old royal line, Louis de Bourbon does not rent his rent as a banker. He worked at BNP Paribas before becoming vice president of the Venezuelan Bank of Discount Bank, which was owned by a father-in-law. Like Jean d 'Orléans, he gives himself to his family's needs.

I have no personal fortune or castle. When I go to Paris, I'll stay with m & # 39; mother, who has just bought a small place, or at a friend's house.Louis de Bourbon, Duke of Anjou at "Paris Match", in 2010

"I'm spending the cultural heritage I spend, I'm not choosing it, named Louis de Bourbon for the KTO Roman Catholic channel in January 2017. But I'm really feeling and I'm proud to spend it. "

Because he has even been & # 39; and is not an official officer, Louis de Bourbon will be taken to participate in official celebrations and dates. The last event in Paris: in memory of the death of Louis XVI, on January 21st. It does so accept it "strong actions" to give it "Less than weekend than others", According to Philippe Montillet, one of the secretaries in the Bourbon Burgh service for over thirty years, with Frenchinfo.

"It's a family like the rest, but not like that, because this legacy", appearing in his side Jean d 'Orleans, to whom his mind appears to be; gives us more advice "Monsignor". Estate was not always easy to cost. At the Sorbonne where he was learning, the counting had to be addressed "bent"according to him, from the teachers. "The cups did notit is not shaken, this has given me difficulties, especially in moral and political sciences ", he remembers.

During his military service, captain of his regiment "want to find out what[il] worth " He tells. The knowledge came to an end, "but it was always, he said, I'll leave my backup to show what I could. He says he is fond of trying to be "secret agent". A difficult call is settled into an heir life on the French throne.

For Charles Emmanuel de Bourbon-Parme, co-cousin of the two heirs, to be a member of the royal family "role as an example". "We will try to live by keeping regulations on our families and responsibilities"he tells him français. Just near the two constituents to the throne, he chose Louis de Bourbon as his last daughter's family. For it too, the name Bourbon not only has advantages. Displacing type of "Discrimination"he tells us "hustled [ses] children about ". "That said, the restaurant is very inconvenient!" he stared

"It is a family that is considerably larger than others because it has overwhelmed a large part of the European countries"Axel de Sambucy, co-cousin of Count Jean. He includes himself as a "small miscellaneous tenant" in Marrakech. "Many people do not know who I am"says the oldest Chantal of Orleans, sister of Henri d 'Orleans.

The two people who support the French throne are in attendance; Following several thousands of people on social networks: over 9,000 internet users have access to the "Prince Jean de France" Facebook page. Louis de Bourbon counts more than 100,000. These include a monarchy of hearts, agents and royal royalists, on the right and to the left.

Whatever says that two agents say two camps of a party: for the Orleanists, most of them Comte de Paris is the heir to the French throne; For loyalists, Louis de Bourbon is there. "I have that feeling [la monarchie] the most appropriate state representation system ", saying "Orleanist" to Franceinfo. However, "Reusing" he recognizes that "It's not an event today".

Asked about his support, Orleans's president of Orleans today is seen as "Helpers" in producing real projects, such as in a heritage field.

I will give everyone who is in a position. ask me very much, but I do not allow them to take over the time taken by myself.Jean of Orleansat francinfo

In 2009, he interviewed Fabrice Madouas, then published in the form of a book, French Prince (Pygmalion ed.), The on a political program. The "prince" has recently defended his penalty for a "yellow lover" cause. "How can we ask French sacrifices to be made when they do not have confidence in their own centers?" How can we do the future of our project in the future if there is no long-term vision? A common project when one is selected from one part of France against another? " successful on his website.

"I should not go too far in political affairs," says Jean d 'Orleans, having regard. He talks about his grandfather's case, Henri d 'Orléans, who is invested heavily in some of the reasons. As Stéphane Bern explains, the Paris-day comte, who died in 1999, was renowned for his job at the left. A situation that forced some royalists to move to the Spanish Bourbon branch.

The lawyers have now been awarded in the years 1960-1970 (…) that gave Alphonse de Bourbon plenty, then to his son Louis.Stéphane Bernat francinfo

For a question about returning to the monarchy as possible, Jean d 'Orléans has a & # 39; answer: "You do not know, everything is always possible, it seems enough, but if the French maintains a monarchic heart, the reason remains to remain in the # 39 ; republic. " It still reflects the situation: "This can be done without having to return carefully to the monarchy. But Count of Paris could have a society-based position. It may be a prince who is and an interventional framework will be defined as one found in the monarchy of the countries. From the East, or in Romania, it is not a monarchy, but where there is a place for his family royal of the first choice. "

With regard to Louis de Bourbon, he says to himself "supporting the monarchy of a republic where the king rules and does not; rule "according to Daniel de Montplaisir, historian and historian of the Bourbon. "It's not for me to represent myself, but it's up to the French to want a monarchy representative or not"The Duke of Anjou responded to KTO in 2017.

I think the king is over the parties, as a referee at a football or rugby match.Louis de Bourbon, Duke of Anjouat KTO

He has recently talked about the idea of ​​the "yellow beds" crisis. "The French have been abandoned slightly and the government has not taken the right steps or did not explain the steps it took, and they did not pay attention to the people", he said on M6, who shared his & # 39; video on his Facebook page.

If the realm of the two sides cast the opponents against each other, Jane's Orleans aims to keep her up "careful relationship" with his cousin far away. He says he sent him an SMS to give him a congratulations when he was born his last child. "He tried to go with me for the funeral of my father, and so we remembered"it's added to it. "They are not friends, they do not know each other well, but when they meet, things are usually"said historian Philippe Delorme.

It's not a "Game of Thrones"! There are no coaches or 50 million people for management.Philippe Delorme, a historian specializing in royal familiesat francinfo

According to the population, the relationship between Orleanists and Legitimists is largely "conflict between entrants or historians", even if there is still consistency. If the relationships are bitter between the two branches, Jean d 'Orleans has for his difference marked by Louis de Bourbon. "We have been in France, we work (…). We are related to the country's happy and misfortune times since 987. "

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