Who is Pablo Biró, the trade union behind the air strike – 11/12/2018


First air unions named on Tuesday a new 48 hour strike that runs from the first Thursday, as "original measure" against what they are doing; expressed as "employment" of activity promoted by new official resolution.

This is the Fifth union campaign in the last two months, which usually affected Aerolíneas Argentinas.

The main brain is behind the steps Pablo Biró, general secretary of the Pilot Association of Airlines (APLA), which continues to evolve; opposition to the Government.

The fourth generation of leaders, Biró began to stand out in the field of union during the kirchnerismo, when it came to the supreme command of the APLA with grandmother Jorge Pérez Tamayo.

Pablo Biró.

Pablo Biró.

In 2012, following the breakdown between the leader of the merchant and Cristina Fernández, the pilot came into La Cámpora, and defeated Pérez Tamayo and withdrew from his president.

Biró won the guild's leadership in 2015 in a more unusual choice: a His eldest brother Daniel, Moyanist, with whom he fought for political differences and who wins just 33 votes over 1500. In the middle there were cross references and a strong power debate between CGT and La Campora.

Biró, who represents Aerolineas Argentinas, LATAM ARG, Andes and Avían Air Lines pilots, state that the Government encourages "a planned plan to destroy travelers"and ask about things low cost, by ensuring that they are "unsafe" and used to "clear money".

He is the explosive statements and he has the best target since he joined Cambiemos: Minister for Transport Guillermo Dietrich.

Biró, nowadays the corrupt officer, usually mentions Dietrich as a "puppet of Gustavo Lopetegui," who was a former leader of the staff, who President of LAN Argentina. He even said that Lopetegui was saying a curse power points for him again.

"The minister does not know anything and others do not know those who give him advice, Gustavo Lopetegui, the real intellectual author of this country's air policy, is the only person who who knows what he does, "he said at a public audience in 2016.

In the government, they express the guilds in terms of being & # 39; puts them political aspirations with the force measures they carry out, five in the last two months.

"What more likely to be political. The union organization wants to " damaging airlines, trying to spoil Argentine air market, and hosting hospitals for their stay. which is completely unreasonable, "said Dietrich, after criticizing his / her poets on his aerial.

The political reason, in other words, is the alignment that Biró showed with Daniel Scioli in the last president elections.

"Every time we meet with Daniel confirming the leadership, it will awake you about our citizens' problem as of November 22," he said before the path won by Mauricio Macri.

Back weeks, in an interview by Page / 12, Biró referred to a special idea of ​​the official government policy on Aerolíneas Argentinas.

"First of all, they make the users hated Airlines, and they are really in danger at the expense of Dona Rosa saying that It is necessary to stop all of it, the private people will go to the profitable places, "he said.

His phrase then became a digital poster of the International Transport Workers' Federation, who took on the head of his own union to try and respond to his. his account.

The image that was divided by Biró

The image that was divided by Biró

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