Who is the Catalan Gutiérrez-Rubí, current consultant Sergio Massa who worked with Cristina Kirchner in 2017 – 12/10/2018


"If you look for different results, do not always do the same". This phrase by the physicist Albert Einstein is one of the best practices by Antoni Gutiérrez-Rubí, Catalan consultant and analysis that was working on the last election campaign of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and now his name to enter into a contract with the Renewable Face Sergio Massa.

This unconcerned person born in Barcelona in 1960 is a friend of expressions and expressions of ideas such as Einstein and often dragging on them; Welcoming clients or "councilors", as those who visit their professional services prefer for election campaigns.

Gutiérrez-Rubí moves, more than in Spain, across Latin America: He worked in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Chile – as well as Argentina – and is always his presence in Panama, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico and Puerto Rico. And for that, it will be the recruitment of consultants in each country, in general political science students who will make their first armor in the & # 39; professional, who selects native American-related facts and news. For example, last week he went through Montevideo, where he spent his new study on "Millennials in Uruguay", sponsored by a transnational power company.

It began to land strong in Argentina for three years ago when it began to work with advocates in the province of Buenos Aires. In 2017, Gutiérrez-Rubí was invited to talk to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and both were met in a long meeting in the department of the former President in Juncal and Uruguay, where he came from the old Chief Executive Matanzas Fernando Espinoza and the consultant Alejandra Rafuls.

After that, the Catalan began to advise the former state for the election of that year where CFK sent another force to each other; Party Justicialist, known as a Citizen Unity. Gutiérrez-Rubí's handicap can be seen, for example, in changing clothes, music for the acts – very friendly and fragile, and the situations in 360 degrees, located in the middle of the playground and far from the traditional form of Peronist meetings.

But the biggest transformation of the Cristinista campaign was in the candidate's dissociated period, which came into effect in June 20 on the Arsenal court, where the "zen" grandfather's advocate and a lost style, and where he began to build on his sights to "suffer Macri's change", men and women who obviously showed the suffering caused by the economic policy of the national administration.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner recognizes the defeat in Arsenal, along with Magar, on October 22, 2017. Photograph AFP

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner recognizes the defeat in Arsenal, along with Magar, on October 22, 2017. Photograph AFP

The Barcelona adviser was hosting the Kirchner's small campaign style with La Campora and the state-of-the-art environment; formerly, with Oscar Parrilli at his head, his secretary when he arrived at lawmakers and leaders of social groups and piqueteras. That is something that was the last one after the 2017 STEP: something happened in psyche Cristina, after the primary schools, expressed the "zen" level suggested by Gutiérrez-Rubí and returned to the CFK of the speeches and the militant gardens – from their last senior rank – a & # 39; look at the general election with its biggest means.

So, the fight for the Buenos Aires Assembly with Cambiemos lost: on October 22, the list that was over Esteban Bullrich received 382,626 votes more than a Citizen Unidad candidate.

Gutiérrez-Rubí speaks very well about Cristina long as it is & # 39; clarify that this advice is in 2017 "It was a professional job with start and finish, no", a great response he gave Clarin before the consultation on that relationship. Buenos Aires Resources PJ was convinced of this newspaper that the inspector was able to; The President expected that he was going to give 37 points in the election, a final figure but he did not reach it to hit Cambiemos.

The person still speaks to her every 15 days, but these councils are not paid by the old president's political force. In addition, he also meets in his corridor through Buenos Aires with young campsites, despite their sounds during the 2017 campaign.

But he finished the work with Kirchner, this active and "spun" consultation style, which will analyze data from a & # 39; achieving "focus groups" and which establishes its work on "work plan collection" He changed his advice and already carried out a consultation exercise to Sergio Tomás Massa, Head of Regeneration Face.

They met the 2017 election: that day, the councilor gave him a book and his grandmother was interested in Tigre in Catalan.

Massa le Monzó, Lavagna ,, Camaño and Bossio in a session of Parliamentarians. Clarín file drawing

Massa le Monzó, Lavagna ,, Camaño and Bossio in a session of Parliamentarians. Clarín file drawing

Now, Europe will taste its taste for traditional bread with a tomato of the Barcelonès area with Malbec's meat and meat eyes, which divides in ponds and dinners with Massa, his wife Malena Galmarini and Tigrense's principal councilors, similar to the elections Diego Bossio and Graciela Camaño.

During this year the posts have been provided with the refreshments, but for two months this connection has been established and conferences through Skype are often when the person returns to his / her; European city. The most renowned in the Front Renovador is a Catalan style of work that recommends "to organize a team of staff that guides it to become a 20 hour online with Argentina".

Diego Bossio is the one who maintains the most intense relationship with Catalan, who lives in the Massa scheme instead of leaving it empty Sergio Bendixen, the Peruvian inspector who advised the tigrense in the 2013 campaign and died invasion in Miami in May 2017.

Gutiérrez-Rubí suggested to Massa "another"In order to make Macri and Cristina's choices and, in recent times, he recommended to complain about current government that is" close to the end of the dead . So, we need to build another road, "said the finalists who participated in the last Skype speech and said" 6 out of 10 Argentinians say they are challenging and that's the most why the most important thing we should do is challenging. "

In addition to Bossio and Camaño, in a small group of ten people who are Accessing the discussions with the consultant, Marco Lavagna, which was built in one of the Frente Renovador's speakers. The nucleus is unavailable, before each activity by Massa, to "basic document"That's a drama with a detailed guide to how to handle this action. The wise style of Antoni also has a strong part: the depths with the timetables, something that is damaged for its & # 39; hyperactive population.

Consultation with Clarin, a Catalan statist can not avoid being & # 39; talk about her new step in Argentina and hide her there "It is my rule not to talk about my work with my councilors, I believe in secret: they employ me to get the results, not to & # 39; commenting on them ", he said, handsome.

Regarding the results that he did not join with him in the Kirchnerist Unidad Ciudadana campaign in 2017, Gutiérrez-Rubí will have another difficult task with Massa in the 2019 election (today he is a third part in the polls) , because his challenge is to flee from the team that sets out a new election battle between Mauricio Macri and Cristina Kirchner.

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