Who is Valentine's Day?


A symbol of love and exchange of gifts and words, 14th February will become a holiday holiday. Opportunity taken and achieved in Morocco for years, and a good culture and trade. But why do we love her & # 39; date? Which Valentine's Day is in love all over the world?

According to a number of books, Valentine's Day speaks of an Italian priest, called Valentin de Terni, who was executed in 270, to maintain a romantic relationship with daughter of his keeper. He was arrested and imprisoned, for his entire refusal to convince his Christian faith, to preserve his mission: then to marry his religion according to the will made by Roman emperor, Claude II the Gothic , who wanted to erase faith and his / her; banned marriage. to keep men going to war. The priest is converted into his campaigns and held in prison, coming to an end to empower her, leaving behind her, the wonderful of her sweetheart, which allowed her lover blind to find the scene in her; his cell. According to folklore, some witnesses say they were seeing a strong light through a cell, long & white; Julia got the look and said: "Now I see it! I see the world as you said to me!" The news is quickly distributed, & # 39; Encouraging the empire's empire that decides to terminate the & # 39; This is a matter for this priest who will spread to her; love even though he is in prison.

Lost on 14 February, this date will result in the death of Valentine's Day for the place of the place Lupercalia, designations marked by ancient Rome between 13 and 15 February, in honor of Pan, day nature and fertility.

There are still doubts about the uncertainty of this story, and # 39; describes the history of ancient history.

In Morocco, this festival will be celebrated by young people, representing a question mark among ancient generations. This event is not often described as "Christian holidays", or "commercial holidays", not as a result of everyone who loves.

As at 14 February every year, social networks are a n; Overcoming Valentine Day publications, & # 39; Draw out the side of a huge non-essential expenditure designed for the event.

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