"Who knows its diseases, it's a bonus"


Innsbruck – In a short time, the HIV HIV diagnosis has increased especially in Tirol – from 33 in 2015 to 46 last year. The diseases with hepatitis B and C are also increasing. These days celebrate the sixth "European HIV / Hepatitis Testing" Week. The Aid of Typolean AIDS is a recommendation to be determined.

Because: "50% of new diseases are caused by people who are not HIV-positive," said Lydia Domoradzki, head of the consulting center. The threshold must stop a zinc test. Reduce the number of diseases that were shown to be too late and reduce new diseases. At present, there are around 900 people living in Tyrol with her; HIV virus.

Hepatitis C can be cured now, HIV has lost much of the massiveness by cure contagious reduction. Development with dark sides too. Tripper, syphilis and a Slippery body were also added, the diseases will rapidly increase, as it is sometimes through the progress of medical progress with smaller and smaller incinerators, and believe Fritz Aull. "The natural diseases, which are almost completely abolished, are now being revived," says the Tyrol Aids psychologist. Aull: "Again, if you know your diseases, you have a benefit."

Even in youth and youth, it is therefore important to know about infections and aerial diseases. To find out where the measures are the best for children to stop, Tiroler Aids-Hilfe is currently carrying out a survey in schools. The first is the result of the surveys that are; runs to 2020 to show that 77 per cent of the 201 students inspected are; Reporting out-of-school sex education is the most important source of information. (Bfk)

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