WHO said that Ukraine has more patients in the measles than in Europe / GORDON


The purpose of which the measles is to have; Ukraine started the low level of vaccine, the World Health Organization said.

The number of curly cases in Europe in 2018 to over 82,000 people, this is the highest figure in a decade. This refers to World Health Organization (WHO) reports data "BBC News of Ukraine".

A non-diffused group said; Musty enough to prevent spread of virus in many European countries.

Last year, most of the places in Ukraine – 53 miles. Secondly, Serbia has a status, where the number of situations has been higher than 5,000. In other European countries, the total number exceeded 29,000 in total.

In 2018 in Europe, 72 people died from the crushed, 16 of them – on the land of Ukraine.

WHO said that the low level of the vaccine is in the cause of a & # 39; measles to start in Ukraine.

January 23 and. The Health Minister of Health Suprun said in Ukraine showing a disease; measlesSouth Westerly On 30 January, she stated that the Ministry of Health would not introduce it to such a degree.

According to the Ministry of Healthand a hedgehog fourth week of 2019 in Ukraine 3279 people were sick 6% less than the third weekSouth Westerly

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