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Recently, Mark Zuckerberg
Public Invasion by Roger McNamee, former councilor.
McNamee was Facebook Chief Executive
criticized earlier. Now, he hit
Zuckerberg and Facebook because of it
company is unstable and
you will not get personal information
Users are recycled. "For his humorous understanding and the algorithms too
Dine, Facebook will have a data collection where it is
it can ever Company
Everyone has been spying for a while, even people who are not
on Facebook, »wrote McNamee. These activities are now being woven out more and more, with a & # 39;
Target, Facebook users even bigger
Interact with the platform, and use methods that can be used
To talk about conversation.

Unfortunately McNamee's analysis is not enough. True, the Russians
The Government and also Robert Mercer, co-owner
stronger Cambridge company
Analytica and enterprise donors
Trump, he learned how to do it
that is a complex confidential device
Facebook is built for this purpose
be used. These motions and the
Technologies that enable them
However, it's not a Facebook special case. In these matters
they are key elements of a
I am a new economic lodge
Add "call on capitalization".

It would be a big mistake to talk about something just Facebook.

These uses were designed by Google and then migrated to Facebook – before spreading throughout Silicon Valley and then all over the businesses. e
So, it would be a big mistake, only
from something Facebook too
speak. You can make a truth on Facebook
management and change at the
Head of request, that will be
However, emotional calculation

In 1978 I started learning
digital format; Initially, I was only interested in its impact on the workplace. na
In 1988 my first book, "In
"Age of the Smart Machine" was already out, the way into the
digital futures a lot of dispute
to take. Strong about it
who gets access to this new knowledge
There is; who has the authority to make decisions; and what power
this authority must be enforced.

Is Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School: Shoshana Zuboff, author of this text. Picture: Wikipedia

All areas of life have long been
digitized and so on
related problems.
There are three billion people using information and communications technologies (out of total
seven billion) all over the world –
they are more than electricity. You can feel yourself
you are not thinking about everyday life, any way of social partnership without these technologies.

I was to understand that early one
to its own main password
vitally different from many
other customs in the story
of capitalism, especially in the city
History of market democracy. There has been something that has never been before, with political and political events
moral impact for the 21st century.

Digital resolution

The dotcom height was a main password
Bilgeall is created. A young company called Google said
Increase advertising revenue by
It provides an independent opportunity to protocols that have not been given
used. One also wants this data
the "digital solution" because they are
Online browsing and browsing of users are living.

The data was on a pattern
is monitored for advertising
be interesting. Google
used the rest of data and
as well as developing ways
aggressive for new data sources too
Search. According to Google engineers, they are new ones
There are great ways of love because of it
You may also find private data. So data from
Users are not clearly available
because they are personal
We received information. With others
Word: The economic progress that Google needed
Opinion: keep track of users.

The essential technologies and
Modes were used from 2001 to 2004
created, used and indeed
reserved to confidentiality. Only with her & # 39;
Ghoogle IPO in 2004
The world learned that there was an increase of 3590 per cent through these new activities
there were. Google is now marketing such a data
historical turning point. Company
find free property: user data,
which can be exported.

Shortly, this type of watch capitalization went over to Facebook
and became a typical model of capital creation in Silicon Valley. Today, almost every start, every application is using this
Method. The argument is always:
Your data is back
Our free services.
In the meantime, long-term long-term savings have already been secured – insurance and insurance
Healthcare, Shop,
Finance, entertainment industry,
Education and more.

Capitalism is changing
literally in front of our eyes.

"We already know what people are doing, where they work, if they are married."James Hackett, Ford's head

& Perhaps the most interesting thing is
Example of such a process
There is a change in birthplace
Major representation: Ford Motor
Company. Give a hundred years ago
capitalist beginners such as Henry
Ford introduced a new year of spending. Ford realized that even farmers and shopkeepers wanted cars – just one
affordable price. In his world, there were customers and staff in one
Production and sale visit
tied, cost effective products
prepared for low wages. The 5-salar day storyteller is home
Ford plants.

In November 2018, Jim Hackett, Chairman of Board of Directors
Ford, on a new paper for the
Vehicle maker. He said, "Ann
In the future we are a huge number
Data, of vehicles, of
Handlebars and cities
which the vehicles drive. There are 100 million people in Ford cars today. "And:

"We know already today … what
People do … we know where they are
work; We know if she is married
Yes. We know how long they've been there
live in their house. "As soon as customers become their databases, they are
the next step: the data, the
to run out of cars in real time
with the financial data from Ford
be combined. A business researcher said Ford would make a fortune
earning a company data
monetized. "They need it
not engineers, manufacturers or retailers. It's almost purely profitable. "

Bottle that's wise

We live today in a world where we are
Each product and all services that come with the word "smart" no
"Personal" will start all devices that are capable of the internet, any vehicle and
each «digital support» of the data
the user continues to use it without limitation. It is famous
Capitalism is growing alone for the things
who does not forget his thoughts
want to create a market. Management equity is further by identifying private knowledge as a free tool, so to speak,
which can be processed and marketed.

It brings our behavior over added value, so speak. «A result»
the data on life. There
Products hide our paths
and the people who are with us
share our lives: their sleeping habits, their decibel levels
Apartments that become more dining
Shooting shoes to & # 39; partner, who worries us in front of the actors in one
Shop. Everything is Now: From
smart vodka bottles up to date
Thermometers are fairly fair internet.
Competition for revenue
want to get out of this study
all service makers and service providers will come together.

We are not fully aware of our duty as a data provider.

Of course we continue
Duty as a data provider that is not fully aware. In the United States, the breathable people with sleep apnea that use data in secret
to the health insurance company, so that they can take over the costs
can not refuse. Some of the mobile apps
take our place every bit
Bees and sell the information to third parties. In July 2017, the
Roomba independent room
iRobot for news releases. Head of
Company Company, Colin Angle, has a business-driven business strategy for "close home" and
the stock price has risen,
because it was a recommendation to & # 39; Share free floor plans of taxpayers

The companies we, in fact, can be used by companies
We are also used to influence our behaviors: Pokemon Players will be very simple to eat, drink and shop in the area and
Ask for a bar in which they are
play. Advertisers can close proof of teenage time by using Facebook profile
"self-consolidation", therefore
Lust needs to buy something out of disorder.

This kind of capitalism
creating anti-democratic experience
and power asymmetries. The rulers of rulers are familiar with everything
because their methods are designed so we do not even know
yes and how we analyze it. a & # 39;
New capitalism will have a big impact on our future.

Aims of our own lives

The capacities of sensory capital, human behaviors
knowledge and influence
never seen. Often disturbed him
There is "Totalitarianism" and fear of the "Big Brother" about it
new type of power, which I call «instrument». There are familiar and manipulated instruments
Behavior of individuals, organizations
and total numbers of customer service service.
The Cambridge-Analytica film
show how these methods are with the
correctly informed politically
Targets can be damaged.
But I'm really scared: the
Methods of Cambridge Analytica
used regularly with many others.

But that does not have to be there.
In 2000, computer scientists and engineers
Project called "Aware
Home ». They thought they were "human"
House system "in front of everything
What happens in the house, is caught. and
though through a network of sensors
and mobile computers of residents. The system was considered easier
a closed sculpture bend,
which is solely controlled by the residents. From that
House of residence and activities
always look after the resident
Yes, even, even to confirm their health situation, "that came
The team decides that this data is
in total on the move
Residents' computers saved
allowed them. And anywhere else.

In 2017, two scientists published from the University of London
the detailed analysis of one
"Smart Home" device, a Nest thermostat that is now with Google. They realized
buy the thermostat from
Purchaser needs to look at nearly one thousand "contracts": terms of practice,
which the user needs to agree
so the ecosystem nesting with the appliances and related apps
Data exchange with third parties.
Is the user denied the terms?
The general terms and conditions show that the effectiveness and safety of the thermostat can adversely affect.

Dominican rulers want
to encourage them, the way into them
want a digital future. But that is not true.
In fact, we were once a subject of life, now we are
Something. That has to change. we are
you need to go back to the right
to inform and decide where
our lives and our future
White. This right is the only basis for human freedom
and an active democratic society.

"This is a review and it allows companies to know better than you know yourself."Tim Cook, Apple Chief

The end of October 2018 was fine
Head of Apple, Tim
Cook, in the European Parliament, is the business business project
with his
«Personal sources
Data "which only serves," the
To strengthen companies that they build ». "This is a study," he stressed, "and it enables it
Company to know better for you
learn how you know yourself. »

Indeed, the Cooks cookers saw
plain words just the effort
Apple has been becoming increasingly negative
To draw a picture of the technology department. Others brought Apple and their own
Poverty on the past ten years
him. Including iPhone with Google
Explore, store data for users on Chinese users,
Apple's lack of publicity in terms of many data collection and other deprivation practices.

It has also been said that there is a clear position on data protection issues easier for Apple than for others, because its & # 39; company who sells vendors and advertising on platforms. Despite this, for many of Tim
Cook words are a reason for hope.
Eventually, someone from the business has
they were confident to express themselves.

In 46 of the 48 most significant comments from 2008
and 2017 in the USA and Europe
kept, talk
key areas for action
for better privacy and user control
about personal data. 2009
73% poll showed
the partner decides advertising,
if they were told
how the companies are the data
collect and pass. In one
In 2015, 91 per cent of respondents claimed that a "unknown knowledge" personal information collection would not be fair, even if it were
You may buy cheaper products or services.

There is a difference between users' critical thinking and behavior.

Technological companies describe this
Ballot members are so weird. They protect the status quo with user behavior in the network and
wonderful finances they generate with. In memory it is
Statement by the old Google Eric Manager
Schmidt, sent to the judges in 2009, "If you did something,
No one should know, you would have
It may not be done first. »

Experts call the problem
between the important way
of users and behaviors in the «privacy parade» network. But no. It does not show that only
strategic outcome of a fight
between supply and demand. a
The striking that shows the difference between ours
Enter auditors' capitalists and what we want.

The difference between tendering
and an application should be long-visual
Entrepreneurs move to action.
For its capital search
It is not against the direct face
«Is the right thing». Almost all Internet users search for a different way to the digital future,
who discharges its needs without
but his mystery or his
In order to put devolution in danger. in sight
The power of emotional distractions is clear: what else is there
Breaking off must be a major economic and political effort.

That may be an opportunity
Chief of Apple Tim Cook. Audit
More than the results on stock markets in 2017 came to Apple's decision
in the 20th century more profits
He has clarified financial assets than anyone else
US companies. When Cook is ready
to continue its words in a & # 39; Brussels, Apple could restore capitalism by the user
to settle, which he should serve.

We need new laws, regulations and new ways of working.

Cook, the recipient, said
Conflict between privacy and
A profit or between privacy and innovation is a foul cause. In fact, the gap between the technology companies
offer, and the desires of historical access users for one
adult jump in capitalization.

"We'll travel around a while
and try new civilization
but we must begin to change this world. "There was a bit in 1912 by Thomas Edison
in a letter to Henry Ford he set out his vision for a new business civilization. Edison was afraid of that
Industrial ability, the
To serve humanity progress
Anything around it with power
Knights of the robber and the monopolistic
Economy that ruled the kingdom.

He was convicted of that status quo
marked by "rubbish" and "hard" of US capitalism. Edison and Ford realized
that today's business civilization would ask them to go to; grow faster despite the problem for many and many
Success has been achieved for just a few. they are
It was also known that the customs were at
Capitalism is a society of morality society. Everything needs to be restored: technologies and a
A model that converts these technologies into profits. But also a social contract, sustainability
is determined by these technical developments.

She wants to jump like that. When the capitalism looks ahead or even
we need to stop it
laws, regulations and new cooperative types.
That's why I'm urging Tim Cook and other business leaders to come with him
To challenge. You can not get her alone. a & # 39;
Baby for the future of living
everyone needs to fight.

The new book by Shoshana Zuboff says: «Leadership & Leadership Team». From the English by Canon Canon. (The magazine)

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