Who wants to distribute the farmer? – Temperature temperature: connect with foot and first kiss


Andreia Rodrigues he gave the phrase for the first one-person meetings between farmers and applicants, as well. t Who wants to find out the farmer?of the SIC on this Tuesday evening, 12 March.

Ivo They went to the field Ealasaid, João Neves with him Ana Paula, João Bettencourt with him Beatriz Mões, About Me with him Liliana Leitão and Filipe Camejo with him Raquel Lourenço. But not everyone had chemistry. Elizabete Santos sang to Ivo, but the farmer was not very humorous.

Nobody would say about the capable couple, Filipe and Raquel. They put a towel on the ground in the middle of the field, and stayed there. The young woman who was more comfortable now tried to bring the conversation to life, even if he would let her do everything for her.

Philip cut off the conversation and asked her not to go like that. Rachel did not introduce and returned to the attack. There is no question that Philip left and he started to move away. She sang a song for him and put a hand on his leg.

At the time of the conversation, there was no question about the future of the event. Kiss. They put their clothes together and put their lips together. When they broke his kiss, they laughed, and then admitted that it had been carried away at the time and ran. They must both go hand-in-hand and allow themselves to go well together during the tour until they return home.

Text: Ana Lúcia Sousa; Images: Social Networks

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