"Who wants to pay the money and I just want to continue in Dinamo"


Mircea Rednic he re-named the team when he started his fourth term in Stephen Stevenson. He broke out, introduced other players, even the ones who had been transferred to play a request for his service in this play.

One of those who come into the new Puri era, Rachid Ait-Atmane, in the last months of the contract. The only person signed up to June 2019.

Clauză- "record"

The boxer did not need too much time for 26 years, so he suddenly grabbed the titles, in the last games his game fell. Atman may have gone in the winter Dinamobut he was against it when he got an offer from the Orient! Whilst it was easy to find out the "obstacle" to the movement. "As with your first understanding, Rachid has a record of just 20,000 euros. The person who wants it will pay the sum and it's ready! Just as he wants to continue in Dinamo, he wants to resume his post and get results in Europe, "said close members of the group from Stefan cel Mare.

When it is negotiated

Now, Rachid has to be believed on Mircea Rednic in the first place that it is possible to extend its contract in the summer. The coach personally put the mid-game player that he is planning for the future, but it must confirm that the long contract is long. Talks and discussions will be held after the Medals, with Gaz Metan on Sunday, in the sixth race, and agreement to be reached.. Atmane was the first six games played in the “dog jumper”. B

26of the games Atmane in La Liga is in the Sporting Gijon jumper, with two positive passes

10French games in the first Belgian league in Beveren gear

1supports midfielder in 11 games at Dinamo, even on Friday afternoon with Danube Calarasi (2-0) t

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