Who was in Ciro, the fans who were killed by a? fought with his masters – 11/27/2018


Ciro Peñalba (10) – a little boy killed by his mother's partner in the early morning of terror – tried to defeat his or her fortune, dropped a little blamed. including the sports teams in Tolosa clubs. Likewise, when he could, he would put on some of the different Student shirts he was going to; Include his quote. The cloth was bothering; He prefers to use it when he came home from school.

Go to see the "Pincha" in the Single Stage – put up 25 blocks from the home- He wanted to agree, once promised "when you grow up".

In Martín Plaza Iraola, she saw some of her brothers, her daughter (two daughters and a boy), always under the direction of Soledad Marcos (32), her mother, which linked them to neighboring activity. "La Flata" (as the scientists say to Marcos) is a madras, supportive, kind and always with my kids, "she said. Clarin neighbor to the family.

Teachers from Nuestra Señora del Carmen School, from 115 between 529 and 530, saw the traditional neighborhood of La Plata and through the small rooms in the garden and the first stages of the school. They do not remember difficult events or learning difficulties.

Juan Cruz Chirino, the murderer, along with Soledad Andrea Marcos, who got a ballet in her bone.

Juan Cruz Chirino, the murderer, along with Soledad Andrea Marcos, who got a ballet in her bone.

The trauma was built inside the house 116, where his father-in-law, Juan Cruz Chirino (27), broke down in terror. According to relatives near the family, the child "he disturbed him and made differences" with his little children; another that he killed himself on Tuesday afternoon after he kept eight o'clock.

These different treatments were considered by Soledad Marcos and Chiro's grandmother, who had a bad face to Tirina. "Although he has never been disturbing his or her mother-in-law misuse," is the sources that have been consulted Clarin. He is discriminating against one of the reasons for debate. couple.

Angel Peñalba, father of the boy, raised up on a weekend. He held a vital connection with his wife, Soledad Marcos, who also ended with a big accident gun, although she is in danger. It was burned in the still-populated area of ​​the inside, according to health sources reported to them Clarin. Will be admitted to San Martin hospital.

Last year, Colegio del Carmen classes were arrested when the authorities learned about dead produce. Tomorrow, Wednesday, a breach was set up for a duel.

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