Who will support Lionel Messi at River Boca del Bernabéu? – Ten


Lionel Messi, player Barcelona, Being one of the big trays the classic is between River and Boca in & # 39; Santiago Bernabéu.

It may be interesting to you: Cristiano Ronaldo will not see the last River Boca at her & her; Bernabéu

Argentine striker confirmed that he will be in the final Cup Libertadores. Often Messi since in recent years it's just a visit to the playground for Barcelona or a national team.

The questions many fans ask themselves before the game: Who are you doing? support? Messi of the two?

The answer currently exists is none of them, but the facts of the time can be deleted. scandal Barcelona to be covered by one of the two.

The Flea & # 39; He always says that Paul Aimar is a football player, a historical player River Plate. So it is recommended that he choose the Millionaire side.

Lionel Messi it was pretty close to play The River The following story is known: the Millionaire team can not be able to; cost hormonal treatment Messi, who returned to Rosario and then left to Spain to sign it for Barcelona

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