Who won the prize over 14 billion yesterday?


Accordingly, lottery lottery lottery 6/45 lottery lottery lottery lottery products, the 365-day prize draw on 21 November 1818, have a prize value for sale; photain of 14,759,709,000 co. Lucky luck is in this visit: 07 – 09 – 16 – 19 – 24 – 33.

Analyzing the system with the number of previously sold tickets, Vietitot has not found a special winner. So, the money continues for the Jackpot in the next QSMT.


Results The prize is a 365 day prize on 21/11/2018. Picture: Bhietlott

Although he does not get the Jackpot, but in the # 39; Advantage of this time, Vietlott won 21 winners of all VND10,000,000, 1,050 winners of VND300,000 prize winners, 15,944 won three prizes worth 30,000 VND each.

Previously, the 363 prize has increased the population number on November 16, 1818, Vietitot has won an increase in Mega 6/45 products worth over 52 billion with fortunate numbers: 04 – 12 – 18 – 21 – 25 – 41. The ticket is sold at a ticket lottery number at Ho Chi Minh City.

In accordance with the terms of the Ministry of Finance, the owner of the ticket-winning ticket must be paid in accordance with the current regulations when they receive the prize. Therefore, those who have earned a personal income tax award of 10% must pay, with more than 5.2 billion.

Call & # 39; Capital capital in the balance of state owned enterprises?(VietQ.vn) – "Strengthening research, management and monitoring, capital loss and status assets in the reorganization process, balance, movement and regulation and capital use" – Finance Minister Dinh Tien Dung stressed him.

Vietitp's Lottery has expanded its business to 34 cities and towns throughout the country to meet the entertaining needs through their lottery materials. It is expected that Vietlott will continue to expand usage, and & # 39; going to business throughout the country in the future.

Ha Thuy

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