Why are insects declining, and can we do anything about it? | Environment


What's in the massive sixth of death?

Many scientists believe that the current wildlife deterioration is due to a large loss of Earth species. It has been happening five times in the 4bn year; disappeared, due to meteorite effects, long ice ice and large volcanic breaking. But this is the result that is not for natural reasons, but on humanitarian actions.

How bad is it?

Awesome. With some steps, the biodiversity crisis is even deeper than the climate change. Since civilization, humanity has caused that 83% of all wild mammals have lost. In the last 50 years alone, the numbers of all mammals, birds, reptiles and fish have fallen by an average of 60%.

What about insects?

The global review says that it is even worse for insects, with its proportion of insect species to & # 39; Declining to be double for vertebrates. The decline of the insect is at least a hundred years old, but it seems to have accelerated in the past decades.

Is that important?

There is. There are more than one million species of insects, compared to just 5,400 mammals, and the colonial ecosystem of their colonial estates. Without all, you will find out what scientists call a "constitutional set" button, which contains bone effects; midgies are going up through the food chain, & # 39; gutting higher animals. And without healthy ecosystems, there is no air and clean water.

Why are we significantly aware of & # 39; Midgies now?

The lack of pesticides on a wind-shaped windscreen in the country, compared to a few decades ago, is true. But scientific hard data requires careful and long-term research, and much has not been done. Small and very difficult insects are marked, and are certainly less than bird-elephants or eagles. Worst, just when we need more information, researchers say that psychology courses are cut.

What can be done?

At the end is the size of the human population and what land it will be; used for food, energy and other goods that he / she carries his / her; Determine the level of lost wildlife. Protecting wild places is important, as it does. reducing the impact of industrial farming, based on chemicals. Affecting climate change is also essential, especially for many insect species in the tropics. Such political activity, eating fewer meat and intensive milk products on the farm, and less flying can help.

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