Why are the northern and southern lights different?


The dazzling green and red light of her / her displays Dance regularly overnight sky above the northern and southern poles of the Earth. For decades, scientists have been accustomed to it, when there is simultaneous corrosive aurora in the two divisions, the umbrella patterns of its color; shaking each other. But in 2009 they found that there was no case. They were amazed and worried why. Now, a team of researchers from Norway, Germany and the US have sought the affected person: beautiful sun.

The ground creates a magnetic field that is a; It seems that a bar magnet runs from the South Pole through the heart of the North Pole. The field lines bend out of the two poles, far beyond the atmosphere, with the outside lattice; Creating magnetic bubble boundaries around our planet. This magnetosphere welcomes fragments that are cut off; transporting us from place. Aurorae will take place when fragments are made; order it with its sunshine through the magnetosphere. The elements accelerate next to the magnetic field lines of the Earth; invasion of glacial pole areas. When they hit the air, they are hit by atoms and molecules, which are & # 39; Let them have a colorful photon that lits the air.

When the magnetic field lines bend equally around Earth, aurora should appear in the same places in the Northern and Southern collections. And, if you can see the two showcases at the same time, they would look very like it. But such a situation is "very rare," said Aaron Ridley, a Michigan University magnetosphere researcher who was not involved in the new study.

That is because there is also a powerful range of sunshine. It changes the path found by the Earth's field lines, which split the lines on a daily basis; planet against the sun and expanding the lines at night, and creating a magnetic tail. As a result, Earth's magnetic field appears to be a house-house drawing – the precise head of the insects of the insect; Look at the sun and her body long and tail; marked off.

In rare times the cellphones at sunrise to formally connect to those of the Earth. But most of the time it's going to be. sun and the poles at the Earth bent, creating a shaped shaped shaped shaped shaped cam for his / her; last case. The sunny wind changes "to" hit "the tail, and # 39; breaking and rebuilding its field lines – events listed as refurbished. Scientists thought that the refurbishment would disappear one aurora related to the other. But Nikolai Østgaard, a science scientist at the Bergen University in Norway, and his colleagues examined this idea and found it wrong. They have an additional influence that is accountable for arbitrary differences: the magnetic solar range implies the magnetic range of the Earth in unreliable ways. They also showed a burst, or "stream," of fragments in addition to the cut in the tail they can erase the uneven solution of the uneasy solution, and remove the disagreement.

The team explored images of spacecraft capture for 10 simultaneous aurora pairs in the Northern and Southern collections between 2001 and 2005. The aurora at the outskirts of the the world. For example, on November 15, 2002, the southern light blast (aurora australis) to the west of the northern lights (aurora borealis). But when the light came on, their roles moved, and more sympathetic. At the campaigns there were shifts at the same time.

Responding to these ideas to activity in the Earth's magnetic, Østagard and its co-workers; simultaneously detecting unifying events with a reduction in hospitable concepts. "The settlement is just as the people think," said Østgaard. What's happening in that place, it's a? continue, how the magnetic range of sun & Earth pressure. His team's modeling and team thinking reflects unbalanced growth in the Northern and Southern skews concentrations on Earth's field areas and its; move the aurorae. Breach of the field lines – which they will look at & # 39; happens when the current crashes – leaving the magnetic pressure taken from the kit and its; remove from the bribe.

Ridley and Ingo Mueller-Wodarg, planetary scientist at Imperial College London, both say they are "amazing" because of the disagreement with previous models. The team is able to experience the physics behind the image by viewing "pretty cool" images, "Ridley wants.

The funny sunscreen that occurs in aurorae and storms can damage astronauts in the place and change satellite routes. They can also block the GPS position as well as power grids and other technology systems. Scientists can not correctly identify where and when the weather climbs, Mueller-Wodarg says. But they have to betray at least one secret secret in the night of the night.

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