Why are we not ready to create babies genetically


The media can be heard with the amazing news that a Chinese researcher, Jainkui He, has been in Creating the centenary relatives of the world world. This has, indeed, to give HIV treatment, the virus that causes AIDS.

Professor He, working with the former director of Rice University, Michael Deem, who was spent on work in 2012 by Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuel Charpentier, who introduced a new approach and DNA is easier to alter human and non-human organisms by CRISPR-Cas9 technology. He also raised the work of biological molecule Feng Zhang, who made so much of this genome editorial system above for use in human cells.

He says that he is changing the movement of a human genome moving from the talkroom to the delivery room – something that some scientists may have to & # 39; Despite worrying concerns.

Jainkui He explains why his & her; His workshop was a genre of friends, Nana and Lulu's daughters, when they were feeling.

A scientific community has been in & # 39; Express a broad affirmation of making a decision to start with fertility by going to & # 39; Embryos are used to change current – such as "dangerous," irresponsible "and" crazy. "What if mistakes are made? How can we make sure that this powerful technology is of benefit to someone? Are we ready for the causes of genetic engineering on our own development?

We argue that we can not allow individual scientists to decide on how the human genome is able to; happening. Human genetic motions of reproductive triggering an important threat is due to changes to be able to; Continued across human beings for generations, with uncertain dangers.

We must promise that there is a broad general discussion – including experts and their clients; public – to develop a broad social asset of what should be done by genetic technologies.

Symptoms that may be possible or emergency stereo

He named the world that he edited the species of human embryos for seven couples using CRISPR-Cas9 technology. According to him, two of these mental illnesses caused pregnancy, and black girls (Lulu and Nana, who are nicknames) were born.

Anti-protection antibiotics are intended for HIV by changing CCR5 gene (the protein door with HIV that enters human cells). He says that these changes have been confirmed in both couples and this data has been overlooking and known as George Church, a world-renowned genetic expert.

There is evidence of suggestion, however, that it was not necessary; but it was unlikely that it would be a bonus and even could even harm. Although Lulu's father and Nana HIV were active, it is unlikely that he would have passed this illness to his children using ordinary IVF methods.

Children born in the genome preparation of genetic mosaics are an uncertain struggle for HIV and They may be resistant to viral infections such as influenza and West Nile. This is because the CCR5 gene is that He has a disability against these diseases.

In addition, there is an opportunity for unintentional methods caused by the CRISPR method. These health risks can not be expressed, as the causes that may be infectious or cancer can cause a cause of concern throughout their lives.

Other uncertainty affects the couples that worry your health and freedom of breeding. As they deal with the age of the next generation, they will including the ability to "steer" sterling to stop the edited genres that will be given to future generations?

A lot of research

The University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, Jane, where he is employed (currently on leave from February 2018 to January 2021), has been taken by the researcher and will be a committee between – an independent independent to research the political research.

Feng Zhang, a group of Harvard and the Institute of Broad MIT, is reviving researchers on the first issue of genital genital infants of the world after the Southern Genome Human Conference in Hong Kong on November 27, 2018.
(Photo Photo / Vincent Yu)

Rice University, where Michael Deem has been employed, has also been said to check.

The HarMoniCare Women and Children's Hospital applied to investigate the effectiveness of the epic documents that he provided to write a research memorandum.

Importantly, the suggestion has not been taken up to the Chinese Clinical Research Database but on November 8 as a revision chart – probably around the time the couples were actually born.

Designer animals with powerful engines

With Genie Genetic out of her bottle, we need to ask if we need more time to reflect on her; ethics?

There is a fair and fair society with fewer opportunities and more justice. As a result of allowing individuals (who promote) to change their children genetically, they are more inequality and more anti-justice – and not only due to limited access to genome editorial technology.

In terms of serious disturbance, the inevitable increase in discrimination, insulation and edge as powerful scientific and physical sites determine what the indicators are useful and that these symptoms are not.

Although expressing any interest in the "designer babies" that parents have eyesheld, color-color, IQ and the like, we have to consider such "eugenic" problems. in the future if we are continue down this route Post-

All human beings relate to human genius. So we need to be committed to the hard work that is going on. doing well on the 2015 issue by the Organizing Committee for her & International Gathering on Human Generation to work to attack "a broader mutual consensus" on how we should go ahead, edit it.

In this regard he welcomes that he has a Feng Zhang sale for a moratorium in terms of including edited embryos and recalling its scientific co-operatives "in 2015, its international research community said it would be unlikely to be able to; Continue to edit any shortcuts without the overall consent of the proposed proposal. & # 39; "

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