Why cheese stopped as my friend unsuitable


I can look at the cheese balls that they are doing; sold at a large store. Half-eaten halloumi cheese is a yellow turnover in its; my fridge

My dreams have been destroyed by cheese.

Shortly after life without restrictions, can cheese become more hostile than a friend? What is wise on something that is not good for my body?

These issues began to appear on me for two months, when I started to make a program for her & # 39; Podcast on the BBC: All Hail Kale as to whether the milk products are the case we should be scared.

Between enjoyment and moderation

For a while, I queried the rationalization of adults drinking milk.

Although milk and milk products, such as cheese and yogurt, have good sources of protein and calcium, and can be a part of a good and fair, as explained by Dr. Michael Greger de NutrionFacts.org: "There is no animal on a planet that is eating milk after going on and still, there is little awareness of drinking milk from other species. "

Greger made a series of checks that showcase the potential to have a life cut to drink this "hormone stew".

I always thought the cheese was, compared to the # 39; surplus, a more productive milk product, maybe unthinking or even beneficial.

It responds to the imagination of the minds of the Greek and Italian ancestors who are in fact; Feta and pecorino cheese, but truly, only to a small extent to a small extent of cheese figures in the holy Dominican diet.

I also decided that I could not judge when I was young; lactate sufferers prevent me from eating paneer cheese in India or her; move a piece of bread in a muscle while I was in a while; travel.

Remove the cheese?

This feeling of adverse effects may be adversely affected by a real problem.

The US doctor said cheese was a "milk skin" (none of the professors spoke to that theory) for saying that chemistry was invasive, opiate, and even praises a three-step program to eradicate the cheese of the food, something like a kind of cheese exposition.

Step 1: Find out why you want to break cheese.

Well, of course, I do not feel that I want to get involved.

But for the purpose of exploring the purpose of exploring it, which is not so frightening; In the cheese of the milk, I gave the one out of her & # 39; sand (under which Turkish special cheese was to be preserved) and sent to three of the great nutritional dresses.

They all agree that the place that includes milk secretion from another species is something weird and we do not need to bring an adult.

But can a consensus be reached regarding cheese?


Dr. Michael Greger continues the hard line: by & # 39; A combination of sodium and fattened, it can not be part of our daily diet.

Like most foods, too much should be avoided. Cheese is only one.

"Make it a part of a special event more than part of the day," said the expert.

Dr. Walter Willett, Nutrition professor at the Harvard Public Health School, which offers a superb view of cheese.

"It does not appear that the same effect is that it is to stimulate growth in comparison to milk, eating for Bie in assessment and eating it," he says and says; recommends that it offers only one service of milk products per day.

But at Cornell University, Professor David David Levitsky has stood slightly worse than the dangers of milk products and admits that he eats a small cheese plate before dinner every night.

"It likes me, but I do not like a lot of chaise."

The consensus is, in a way, that the top of the spectrum should not have cheese.

30 years later …

With the intention of removing the loop, I went to see my doctor, Enam Abood, at Harley Street Health Center, to analyze m & # 39; lactose tolerance 30 years after its first evidence.

Lack of victim suffering is a problem for millions of people. But with special help, there are other options.

It emphasized not only that I still had a lactose out of course, but it would not have been a I'm sorry for my grief.

According to Dr. Abood, maybe I do not include vitamins and minerals, which are not good for my protective system, my energy and even a & # 39; s mental.

It may be that the product is damaged; I have been using milk products that do dating back years.

Abood suggested that if I did a cheese, I should take lactase pill, which would give me the enzyme that I do not need, and many people like me, to be able to properly circulate milk products.

Lactase is the enzyme that will spread lactase into glucose and galaxy.

Radical not

One positive aspect of my medical journeys was that an expert in the intestine area told me that there is an unsuccessful, rich in bacteria cheese that is not processed, as a contribution for severe microbioma.

After you have made a podcast for the vital role of our vision, it seems that it is reasonable to keep the cheese on the table.

I have not taken a long time to consider step 2: think about what you can do to replace your existing reboot. Step 3: Think about neo-milk caesan.

Too much is even too much to think about expressing them.

Instead, I'm thinking about how uncertain & # 39; is it to get definitive answers about nutrition.

I think I should remember to & # 39; Bringing a pancake, I'm sorry for my love wants a piece of Roquefort … tomorrow.



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