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The key to a & # 39; Getting a friendship relationship as simple as finding a nice person.

And, despite a credit that is; It's a great deal, others can not be as important as most people, according to a new research from the State of Michigan University.

"Many people are investing a lot in finding someone that is consistent, but our research says that it's probably the end of everything in , "said Bill Chopik, psychologist professor and director of MS Close & Relationships Lab. "Instead, people may want to ask," Are they a good person? "Are there a lot of worries?" "Those things are more or more relevant than both people who are involved in and" # 39; come to an end. "

The most remarkable result of the study was that there were no similar effects on equalities on how satisfied & # 39; people were in their lives and their relationships, Chopik said.

So what does this search mean for data apps?

Despite how loved & # 39; Yes, it's possible that apps that match people agree that it's wrong, he said.

"When you start to be able to create algorithms and matching people mentally, we do not understand how much about that as we are thinking we will do, "said Chopik. "We do not know why his / her heart is choosing what he does, but with this search, we can destroy and disguise as the alone. "

The researchers found almost every way that couples could be happy, and this meant that this was the most extensive research so far.

Using data from the Panel Survey of Income Income, which is a long-term study of households, estimates of Chopik and Richard Lucas, Professor MSU in the Department of Psychology , the potential of well-being personality of well-being in more than 2,500 heterosexual couples who have been married about 20 years.

Even among the couples that there are; sharing similar personages, Chopik and Lucas have a hard-working and well-active partner to higher levels of friendship satisfaction. At the same time, being a partner that is neurotic, and, incredibly, is more likely, it means that there is lower satisfaction.

Semi-discrimination can harm your health – and your partner

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William J. Chopik et al, Actor, partners, and similarities to a well-known and well-known personality, Journal of Research in Personality (2018). DOI: 10.1016 / j.jrp.2018.12.008

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