Why did Mihaela Rădulescu not compete at the Farm. "It would kill me to make a bath while the competitors are doing"


Mihaela Rădulescu is the reporter on the home's presentation, but he recognized the star that he did not see him as a rival.

Explain the star and what causes it exists.

"I realized that some of the elements were here and I would be very hard. Initially, a lack of privacy. It would kill me to take turns, as our competitors. That's, with a bit of loyalty, you need making clothes in the world, it's a finish. Although it does not seem to be like, however, I did not have pictures in Playboy, I did not go so long. I was always a minute where I stopped, because I was not feeling comfortable.

I would have a problem with all of those wrists: chocolate, coffee … I appreciate the people I am. do. They are fair people who manage to be; overcome some documents … I'm scared I will not stop how long and our competitors ", Mihaela Rădulescu said for Pro TV.

Mihaela Rădulescu is one of Romania's most famous television star. He has made and presented many exhibitions that have succeeded well with the observer. Mihaela Rădulescu lives in a love story by the famous sportsman from Felix Baumgartner. There is a boy, Ayan, at her star, from her wedding; with Elan Schwartzenberg.

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