Why did the appeal block two meaningful sentences?


The driver Le Ngoc Hoang. Photo Zing.vn

Mr Pham Van Ha, High Court of the High Court in Hanoi, said on November 21 that the leaders of the Hanoi Courts had signed up to the evening decision making decision . Criminal court leader of the Thai Nguyen People's Court court that was over the Innova car ferry on the other road on the road.

The case file is now being transferred to the National Higher of Public Debt Management in Hanoi for further investigation. Following the return of the code, the Judge Committee of the People's Court of Hanoi will be cassation. The Judge's Committee is the ultimate authority.

Major accident. Photograph IT

According to Attorney General Pham Van Ha, the reason is to challenge her & # 39; In this case, there was a lot of material, according to the decision of a Court of Appeal in Hanoi, the Court of Appeal has confirmed that Le Ngoc Hoang (driver of driver of truck) has resulted in any reduction in distance when Does it meet the obstacles on the road and do not have it; promises a safe distance.

However, to have a full legal and scientific basis for a comprehensive, indirect evaluation of the driver's crime, more clarification is needed.

In particular, its first effect needs to be clarified; at tractor cars and Innova on a map map, which is an important base to settle the speed between the two vehicles when the crash and the speed when the driver hit the brake. To determine the degree of error of the parties.

Illustrate the time in which a & # 39; trailer training trailer control signal signal, position to & # 39; Vehicle on the scene, what causes the signal of the control device on walks.

According to the Ministry of Public Crime Criminal Justice Institute evaluation, the time lost is 52 seconds, as the loss of time when the cars are caring and car crash Innova, depending on scientific analysis, What's the speed of the search?

You need to obtain the Le Ngoc Hoang driver's credentials along with the features on the map map, speed data to find out how many meters are in Innova cars, drivers to hitting a loop, do you expect road shifts? Before making a decision about moving paths, the driver driver must plug, turn on the road or not. When the driver hit the killing of a bracket, the car distance was turned to Innova how many meters were there?

It is essential to clarify the speed of the tractor, the weight of the vehicle and the amount of material that is loaded by the car, when the driver hit the brake brake, the tractor can run more meters to stop tur.

It can be clarified on the rules on the tractor to be carried on steel or not, what regulation is tied to steel when it moves?

How does the traffic signal system on the road affect the travel methods and especially for its & # 39; car taken by Le Ngoc Hoang?

In the Criminal Science Institute, Ministry of Public Security evaluation, at the time of the relationship between two cars, Innova cars have been installed. run back.

However, analysts have not explained the Innova distance back, without being sure when the Innova car started, the location of the car on the site map, supporting him how long & When the Innova car is in the row, the position of the car is comparable to the length of the line just or knot?

Need clarity for vehicles to run on freeways (fastest speed and lowest speed).

In accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Procedures Code, the review of the cassation reviews the judgments and decisions of the Court that had a legitimate impact but a complaint was made against the. find legal disputes in case situation. Project. The Chief Justice Judge of the High Court and the High Level Processing Director of Scotland will be entitled to; Complaints in accordance with cassation procedures are the legal agreements or decisions that the law is in accordance with the legislation of local people's courts.

Within 4 months of the date of receipt of the complaint decision with the file file, its & # 39; The Court of Chassis should open the test.

As Dan Viet said, court appeals Nguyen Court appeals were 6-year prisoner conviction to protect Le Ngoc Hoang, and drive Innova's ship truck back and forth on Hanoi's main road – Thai Nguyen. South Westerly

Thai Nguyen People 's Court of Appeal Court said Hoang driver did not drive safety, so that the 30 meter speed could be locked back.

The case about a court of appeal made a lot of controversy. Many drivers believe that this is a force force case, which the driver can not do the difference.

Talk to Ngoc Viet, Vu Thi Thuy – said the driver's wife, Le Ngoc Hoang, that the family will not return the court decision. She sent to the lawyer to propose support procedures to ask the Management Superintendent.

Giang Hong Thanh Solicitor – one of the defended guardians confirmed to the Hoang guardian that the family has contacted the proposed advocacy method for the cassation director.

After their diagnosis, the person who is protected and his family can appeal to the High Court and his / her; Program at Higher in Hanoi, and they will consider whether to accept their complaint. and then appeal an appeal or not, "said lawyer Jiang Hongqing.

According to Dan Viet

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