Why did YPF pay $ 270 million to the Department?


The Mendoza Government has received oil areas that do not work, and it may be possible to repeat an application. This happened after an agreement between the Department and YPF, which paid 270 million pesos for unregistered investments.

The history of the San Rafael and Ñacuñán area began in 2008, when two companies of the Vila-Manzano group: Kilwer and Ketsal were given by Celso Jaque. Afterwards, they sold their rights to the previous Repsol-YPF.

After an oil company was installed in 2012, none of the areas were unsuitable for the YPF because of their geological interest. "YPF decided to pay undesirable amount and thus leave the vacant areas for other operators," said the government.

The Ministry of Energy announced that "a finalization has been on the introduction of oil contracts in the province, a process with which eight fields have been restored, to put back to representation. "

"Mendoza's department is considering replacing the areas in the next globes following the successes of the Parliaments and Puesto Pozo Cercado areas, which have also been restored through the same process and now offered and already with huge investments in the process, "they said.


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