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The company's commercial WhatsApp commercial director left, and b & # 39; The latest is the latest since the Facebook service received a message.

Neera Arora, who was appointed Chief Executive after leaving his founder earlier this year, left on Monday night.

The old Google works on WhatsApp for seven years after Jan Koum and Brian Acton co-founders have a hard look, which also started on WhatsApp.

Apparently, Arora will leave some time off "recycle and spend time with the family", write it on Facebook.

Arora, who was named as the "four employee number" In TechCrunch article, he did not mention how he welcomed Mark Zuckerberg, who bought the demand for 22,000 million dollars in 2014, but thanked Koum and Acton and said "a small group ".

"I had been fortunate to work with a small group of talented people and see how the handwriting method can do something magical that she loves with billions of people. "

"It's a time to move forward, but I can not be more proud of how WhatsApp is going to connect to people in so many Of different ways every day, I'm sure WhatsApp has been the simplest, most safe and most reliable communications products in the coming years. " .

Koum left in April this year through reports on Facebook talks about using personal data and his efforts to weaken crying. Co-founder, Acton, left in September 2017. Acton recently criticized Mark Zuckerberg's attempt to generate revenue from the service.

In an interview with Forbes, he said Facebook activists "represent a set of business practices, principles, modes and policies that I do not accept." He also appealed to users "Remove Facebook" when the Cambridge Analytica scanned.

Facebook also received Instagram, the photo sharing application, in 2012. The two co-founders announced that they would leave Facebook last month.

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