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    Baby with chicken witch.
Enlarge / Baby with chicken witch.

Cape Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin headlines Tuesday after appearing in a radio interview that he had stopped the nine children without turning out to be quiet by thinking quickly from health experts.

If anyone needs to be updated on why you should not be a safe vaccine, you could save children or save them seriously from serious illnesses. T could be life-threatening. This is quick.

No plaque is similar to bruising

Although most children who get the disease, the level of infection can go on to recover after a week of compassion, the hen harrier can cause serious problems and even die in some cases. Difficulties include bad skin diseases, big nerves, brain brain, brain diseases, blood stream infections, and lack of water.

If the disease is striking early in pregnancy, there is a small chance that it may be birth problems, including members with unusual reproduction, brain, eyes, and an intellectual skull. If it is striking just before birth, the birth has 30% chance of getting a serious disease, which can kill.

As well as the newly-born babies, people with greater risks of serious food products include teenagers, adults, pregnant women and those with a protected system of immunity, such as cancer patients. chemotherapy, re-patients and those with HIV / AIDS.

But children could even develop problems. There is no way to find out how bad the tenancy is.

And the fighting is not after a grotto. Then there is gravel

The same virus will cause the swings causing gravel, or zoster. After the sub-files, the virus, varicella-zoster virus (VZV), is going to live. It hides in a dorsal spleen, which is the nerves that transmits signals into the back of the back. VZV can react at any time later in life to cause shingle, which usually occurs as a fairly difficult taste, sometimes falling on the body's body.

It is not useful to put wings on the boats, as Editor himself, Eric Bangeman, can take evidence. He fought with the revival in 2015 and described it as “a number of days of ill-health that had been broken by two weeks of feeling crappy. ”

Shingle can also cause problems. The most common product – occurring in around 13 per cent or more of postnpetic shells (PHN), has been the persistent pain for weeks, months, or even a year in the field t After the chest had baked, the chest broke away. There is also the potential for assaults to cause bacterial superinfections and eyesight that may result in a loss, as well as a swelling of the brain or liver, and palsies of nerves.

In fact, this can be almost avoided …

There are vaccines for this

The chicken 's' aka varicella' – was awakened in the USA in 1995. It is safe and very effective. Two measures of that size are up to 98 per cent effective for halting all types of trout. In the rare cases of someone suffering from a vaccine yet, the disease is very sick. The vaccine is 100% effective for avoiding bad forms of the disease.

In the years before immunization, an average of 4 million cases of hen harrier per year was in the United States. As a result of this, an average of 10,500 to 13,000 hospitals and 100 to 150 deaths a year, according to the Control Centers for disease and prevention. With immunization, chicken trout fell in 31 inspected states by 79% between 2000 and 2010. Deaths fell from 87% between four years before and after immunization.

The vaccination involves VZV but weak, which causes a hidden disease. This can reinvigorate later in life to cause shingle. However, a recent survey showed that children who were vaccinated had a 79% lower chance of getting eats from the recipients.

There are also now two vaccines to prevent patients in older adults. The best vaccine is currently the Shingrix re-zoster vaccine, which is more than 90 per cent effective for avoiding gravel after two doses.

This should be done as “birth parties”, unless they are just dangerous

In the past, some parents may have thought that it was a good idea to take their children out to take a vaccination to ensure that Before they are older, when it is more likely to cause problems. But, as mentioned earlier, the trout's hen can be even serious in healthy children, and it is impossible to predict how much each case will be. Moreover, by the introduction of safe and effective vaccines there is no reason to treat infectious diseases which children may have – even in trouble – causing hundreds of suffering. , election battles with fever, typhus and headache.

But he's not just about your son

Immunization protects vulnerable people, including those who lack the ability to get vaccinated because of a medical condition or those who are inactive. Even if the children had middle-level issues and then go back again – as was the case for the Gov. children. Bevin – parties can circulate their virus.

The dangers of letting the hen's trout keep out of its home to the politician of Italy Massimiliano Fedriga, who came down last week after resisting legislation. immunization was granted to schoolchildren.

The famous Italian expert Roberto Burioni responded in Facebook, saying that Fedriga was found to be unfortunate but could be even more serious, for example, if the virus was spread to a fetus or a baby. It was crossing.

“The only way we need to avoid these accidents (as they are disasters) is to give us all a vaccine to prevent the spread of this dangerous virus; he might have been more vulnerable to a vulnerable person, ”he wrote.

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