Why do not we have to worry about changing it suddenly


The pole began north to a little over time, but continued a very flexible path around a very small extent between the Arctic islands of Canada.

For a minute then I thought we had a new international threat to deal with it, along with the old customs such as climate change, nuclear war and loose diseases.

This would have been welcomed from journalism, because new topics are very frightening to write about it. Or otherwise we would fail in & # 39; Our main job, which wants to provide material to keep the ads separately.

I also suffered personal suffering, from which she was a new threat – the move back on the Earth's magnetic range – preventing one of the few practical skills that I preserved from my early career in a variety of ways: the ability to travel with magnetic companions.

I did not go back to the naval position back to Base: we were Get gyro-compasses and long-distance radio settings (although the GPS is not full of satellite today).

However, the navy, in his wisdom, was looking forward to the externally-based sailing centers; close fast or swept away in a big war.

We would still get on gero-compass, which would tell us where to come true – but only one internal power control and we'll lose that too. If that happened, we needed to go back on the pre-20th century navigation tool of the primary school, the magnetic company, which is not dependent on external power supply.

Unfortunately, the magnetic company identifies its & # 39; North Pole, which is a different location from the North Pole. But it was, for my whole life and indeed for many animals before, in a way or more in the same place.

The pole began north to a little over time, but continued a very flexible path around a very small extent between the Arctic islands of Canada.

So all the cards show the difference ("difference") between the northern and northern extremities of North in the part of the world that is covered with its; card, and even the degree that will change that change annually.

We were trained to add the annual shift of its renewable photocopy because it was printed for the local "change" from the very North North, and with the # In contrast, we can properly manage and navigate with the magnetic company.

It was a skill; There was very little demand, but it could be useful in crisis.

In fact, the great Scottish pole left about 30 years ago, and is now going to Siberia at a distance of 60 kilometers per year.

It moves rapidly because it is the motions inside a outer outer hanging; generating a magnetic range of the planet in a & # 39; first place. The streams in the large proportion of smooth nickel iron change from time to time, and when they make they can also move the magnetic poles.

The sailors can deal with this because it is now easy to update the information about changes in the local magnetic change from the far north.

These records are currently computer programs, and the relevant authorities are just more upgraded than they were using. It is the worry that this type of behavior can be added to her; prototype to have a mounting mounting signal; going on where the magnetic poles in the north and south are changing places.

This has happened before – indeed, the Earth's magnetism range has been restored to its policing at least 183 times, according to geological record – and does not make long-term difference.

It is now the other of a thread that marks north to the north, but the magnetism range still remains; fulfilling its primary responsibility to grasp the high energy items that would use the planet's surface in radiation.

The boy is terribly the move, which can be as long as 1000 years or as little as one life, since the strength of the magnetic range of its planet and its; falling to around 5 per cent of ordinary. If the ozone hole causes you to worry, this should be frightened – and the strength of the magnetic field is already in place; fall.

Without my first idea of ​​the news. Every decade seems to have news stories that can be a different way. biography. However, it does not appear, this one.

The consensus among scientists is that the surface of the planet is not split up with hard uniforms during the times when the magnetic range is created within the whole Earth but its & # 39; disappear for a while.

Instead, the sun's sun itself produces a lasting range in the real plane surface of the planet (the ionosphere) that prevents high-energy fragments that come from from; reaches the surface.

We may have the opportunity to verify the format of this foreword in the near future but, for this point, there is no need to hit. And if you miss in the wood (or at sea), you can still trust in the # 39; your company. More or less …

This article first appeared on The New Zealand Herald and was reproduced by permission.

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