"Why do not you know who gets the crime to fight?" Natacha Jaitt's story


Natacha Jaitt It will always surprise social networking with scandals and media conflicts that often go to; lead to criminal issues. Despite having a & # 39; year was just underway, and 2018 was one of the most controversial arguments for her, she has now been compiled after a number of serious conditions and health of her health because of her hospitals and jobs. 39; left for discharged periods away from the public scene and showcase items.

A few hours ago, the media released a story by its fans with their mouth open, because he indicated that he needed a famous figure in the media to make different artists and protect famous people. "I do not know who gets a CROSS, I have recorded that these accidents have to know the media where the audio is talking to them and has never been allowed? " Historically the moss began to say.

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To finish the secret once and for everyone, he launched: "Yes Fernando Burlando. How good it is to & # 39; going to do this, "wrote the iron supervisor in their networks, sued the lawyer who is at the forefront of controversial issues and in the past there is one of those named for John Darthés in & # 39; a complaint they received for a breach of part of Thelma Fardín. The lawyer, though not the lawyer, told him he is advising him and that he was praising to leave the country.

In this way, the reporter sent a new bomb, moving forward in the network that challenged crime against defenders Diego Latorre, expressed on fighting and violent sex. But this did not stop there, as well, warned that he will give evidence as evidence of court courts to prove the allegations against him.

In this regard, he added: "#PuntitaGate And a hard grievances for sexual violence * the audio shows I'm afraid of how sad it is, they will hear them * by @FernandBurlando, excavation, and on That's why they put me out? calm @dflatorre, I'm stepping down to the best eye-eye, "he warned with a healthy image. "At the same time, one", "challenged his last tweet, was a rebellion style.

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