Why do Phan Sao Nam's Attorney ask for punishment?


Wednesday, 11/21/2013 13:43 PM (GMT + 7)

Program makers who maintained their program were saying; It is right to complain that Phan Sao Nam was entitled to the penalty below at the lowest level of marriage.

On November 21, after the end of the quiz, published by the People's Convener on the Phu Tho country; and he praised the sentence for the defenders that were associated with the trillion billion online webpage.

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Defense of Nguyen Van Duong

Le Nguyen Van Duong, chairman of the CNC Board of Directors, is crucial to playing the key role in the & A group of people who work on huge games, which adversely affect. Yang said the allegations were stopped. Duong is the director, managing items that work in CNC and other companies.

Duong himself through illegal blaming was built almost 1,700 billion. In order to hide gambling behavior, Duong has preserved money, as high as 240 billion.

Nguyen Van Duong's behavior is sufficient to be an offense in order to complain and warrant.

According to the search process, the investigation was carried out, Duong challenged the police to be able to; commit crimes but did not legally accept their use and hide the illegal salary. Yang's proposal for expressing passive situations is indeed stated to say that both charges were arrested as "Complaint of complaint" and "cash vow." In particular, the crime "Money to cleanse" can be further cure.

VSK praised the Panel to control the 8-9-year-old Sea on "gambling organization", 3-4 years in the jail "Money made". A 11-13 year imprisonment penalty, a state budget backed more than 1.655 billion. The total amount of 86 billion VND will be introduced over time.

According to the project, the research body is a n; blocking two reserves with its maximum value of VND 150 billion, three accounts and some other assets were retained over time.

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Phan Sao Nam Guardian

Mu Phan Sao Nam (who was a director of the VTC Online Company), assessed VKS: At the test, South gave out that their offenders have been convicted of a complaint.

Through illegal grievance activities, the southern part of illegally accumulated the level of almost 1,500 billion. Then move money around their middle step, move to relatives, real property …

According to the VKS, the total amount of cash cleansing money is over 320 billion. The value of $ 3.5 million will be invested by a bank in Singapore when the confirmation is finalized which will fund public money, quest handling criminal liability for this money. So far, its survey group has received over 1,300 billion from Phan Sao Nam, and # 39; reaches more than 90.7%.

The procuratorate said that Phan Se Nam was entitled to a situation of impairment as the offender was actively involved in remedying the outcomes, regret, cooperating with research organizations, they had excellent achievements in the study , public author For money rubbish, male passive situation "offenders".

In addition, male offenders are related to offenders. A male is entitled to punish under the lower level of pen pens.

Rapporteur, two solicitors were convicted to Phan Sao Nam: "Campaigning on gambling" (Article 249) and "Granting money" (Section 251) in accordance with the Criminal Code 1999, amended 2009 Therefore, it is offended in "Grievance structure", South of the case under b, paragraph 2, Article 249 – penalty frame from 3 to 10 years imprisonment. On the issue of "Reducing money", a name will be applied in Item 3, Article 251 – a space of 8-15 year penalty.

From these evaluations, the procuratorate suggested that the panel would say that Phan Sao Nam had two offspring "set up jambling" and "silver vowels". It is suggested that Sao Nam Phan would be punished for 3-4 years in prison on "organized gaming", 3 years imprisonment on "Net money" costs. 6-7 year imprisonment penalty imprisonment.

The procuratorate proposed the Test Panel to pay the public about 1,500 billion VND due to the crime. The procuratorate also proposes to continue to; prohibiting accounts, house fees, room purchase agreements and four cars … from Phan Sao Nam.

It is proposed that Sao Nani Nam be punished for 7 years, Nguyen Van Duong, who is 13 years old. the longest

After more than one week of public quiz, the procurator asked the Nguyen Van Duong court to be pronounced from 11 to 13 years in prison. Phan …

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