Why do you jump gold prices in Egypt 10 not a day? … Masrawy


04:31 PM

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Write me – Shaima Hafsi:

Gold price in Egypt during the Wednesday trade, around 10 pounds per gram compared to Tuesday levels, with more expectations expected in the coming hours.

Gold price is 21 stamps to 4:30 p.m., about 657 pounds compared to 647 pounds yesterday, according to Najib.

The price rose 18 grams of gold to about 563 pounds, priced 24 grams to about 751 pounds, and the gold note reached 5256 pounds.

Chamber Chamber of Commerce's General Secretary of the Club, Lamraoui said that today's rising gold prices are rising as a result of international exchange metal price increase, which reaches 1344 oz dollars .

Najib expects gold prices to rise again when they are going to go. Sales today, as the global stock exchange switches continue to work.

Globally, the highest prices of gold prices will be April 19, 2018, how the dollar was falling on the results of the lower Finance Department and hope of US-China trade talks.

According to Reuters news agency, the gold rose 0.1% to $ 1342.45 per wave.

Income growth in the future of the US will grow 0.1% to $ 1345.7 units.

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