Why does Taika recreate what we are doing on television


With Chris Schulz

A few people turn a cult film in the first major television comedy of the year, writing Chris Schulz. (Warning: There are small casualties)

Kayvan Novak as a Nandor in the region we use the scenery to.

Kayvan Novak as a Nandor in the region we use the scenery to.
Photo: Networks / FX Networks

Nandor the Relentless, an old vampire, shares his party's supplies in his local supermarket, buying it for a friendly reception basket with a basket under his arm.

"I would like to use a touch of that colored dust that… blows… some brilliant," he declares the man to whom he is familiar, a king called Guillermo. "I'm going to put my face and body on me, like Twilight."

Targeting the teenage vampire series is a 'must look', but it's a good one. Crucially, it is just one of the best views in the first US program of Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement 2014, What we're doing in the umbrellas, who'll start visiting in New Zealand tonight.

Most comedy concerts cut there. The plot came ashore. Work done.

Waititi, who managed the first program, and Clement, a co-producer, can not help themselves.

"So very annoying," said Nandor, hitting a pack of pink crepe paper. "A terrible paper, terrible paper."

"It is crepe paper, master," correct Guillermo. "Ooh, multi-pack," continuing Nandor, unable to.

Sitting? I almost speak my tongue.

The new vision Faileas it's full of things like this, scenes that use the film template – a film crew usually make an average record of an actor – for many different scenes of scenes falling from Waititi and dark Clementary comedy. .

Most of them are coming ashore, and that thanks to two wonderful people. The player, in which Brit player Bore Berry brings great credit to songs, Natasia Demetriou, and dry trick Mark Proksch, all outstanding. The situation has moved from Wellington to Staten Island. The Shadow de version is Guillermo, played by Harvey Guillen The OfficeJim, his bustling chair and looks as he looks at the camera, shows all of this sadness.

In addition Colin Proksch added, "psychic vampire" that drains men with power by pulling them. He works in an office. He is a terrorist with a pencil painter. Its residents are hated. We all know that old man.

In fact, this should not work. Waititi and film Clement are now five years old, long life in the pop culture world. Some of the memories have already been reached by the American Union The Office that ended in nine seasons in 2013. No-one is doing them any more.

Waititi is more concerned about re-establishing Faileas. Following success Thor: Ragnarok, he plays Hitler in his comedy in the Second World War Jojo Rabbit, and he has a stop film about Michael Jackson's pet casks in his jobs. There is possibly a script on land on his desk on the day.

Kayvan Novak as Nandor, Harvey Guillen as Guillermo and Matt Berry as Laszlo in What We Do.

Kayvan Novak as Nandor, Harvey Guillen as Guillermo and Matt Berry as Laszlo in What We Do.
Photo: Networks / FX Networks

Similarly, Clement made a European tour by completing Flight of the Conchords and recently unveiled a HBO special record with the folk-comedy duo. They are about to play in New Zealand again.

But we are, in a supermarket with a clear light, looking at a pay agent telling the churn in the mountain, throwing old coins on it.

It feels stronger, more elegant and the area looks bigger. No wonder the film was made for $ 1.6 million. Here, with the support of FX, there are more complex, integrated pieces of CGI, and it is getting better.

Waititi has been learning a lot from the time he spent with Marvel: the preparation is fast and good, there are lots of cameos to be looking forward, and shiny scenes at the end of events.

After four of the 10 programs that are due for this first season, which visit a FX in the US, I am happy to say that it's better than the film. Better.

It is easy to make a call after one of the first scenes in the first program, a flat meeting where Nandor brings out the main Laslo and Nadja recordings for leaving "Drift People" ”Ground floor.

“Half-drunk” as in semi-draining, of their blood. "He's not healthy," he complains about Nandor.

Their solution is the same that many true inhabitants use when fighting about food in the fridge.

"Why don't we write them with marker pens … name of the month, date, year," Nadja said.

"Well thought," replied Nandor. "Sharpies."

You can think that the giggles in the writer's room were Waititi and Clement up with that one. Certainly, fine.

* What we do of a screen comes at 7.30pm tonight on Sky TV SoHo channel 2.

Natasia Demetriou as Nadja and Matt Berry as Laszlo on the What We Do In The Shadows.

Natasia Demetriou as Nadja and Matt Berry as Laszlo on the What We Do In The Shadows.
Photo: Networks / FX Networks

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