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The cult model is famous for lamenting and missing. Although these cars do not usually have an easy life, they will be served for many years. After fifty-one of them, Toyota's acquisition has unchecked a car reputation. From the article fields during the winter, in the mild season to the vacuum from the heat – Hilux again resumed for the unit. They put it in the hardest test. He confirmed that he could continue to drive even after he was drowned in his face; sea ​​or after falling into the building.

The history of this model began in 1968, fifty years ago. Then Toyota Hilux's first generation appeared on her; market. The Hi-Lux name suggested that it was a model that was set above its Stout mode; already. But to make mistakes, Hilux was and it is a useful vehicle that needs to be particularly reliable.

The story will not find an unqualified car in a few days. It is not enough to create one generation. Toyota engineers are aware of this and all the generations of Hilux are marked by trust.

Toyota Hilux

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In each case

They can be seen clearly in countries where the builders enjoy a lovely lover. Whether we look at markets south-east Asia, Middle East or where we are; Visit to Africa – we can make sure we see there. In addition, these are usually not the latest modules, but the 20-year-old cars are often Every day they do the hard work they have been created.

These vehicles that have sponsored thousands of small businesses around the globe and thanking them for their name. From carrying materials to fruit and vegetables – it is difficult to find goods that could not be transported on Toyota Hilux freight platforms. ** Where is Hilux interested in coming? The answer is simple and the results are extremely important for vehicle owners of this type – trust and sustainability. **

When you buy, the transport, their accomplishment and their trustworthiness are important. Hilux is part of all of these features. But the most important thing is that a car does not; disappointment and every day he works. Small businesses in developing countries are a good test environment for those cars. Small business owners can not afford a new vehicle, vehicle construction and old vehicles. On the other hand, they realize they need to buy a reliable vehicle that longs serve them.

Toyota Hilux

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Sinked, burned, demolished

The fact is that Hilux is the shortest car in the motoring history of his famous Gear Gear motorcycle program. In the BBC's program, we would see Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May a & # 39; Creating increasingly brutal ways to build the Toyota. Susan Hilux.

The car was demolished, converted to the boundaries of the options, which were sank, burnt, and even under the tower. Even later, the tools were sufficiently basic for its & # 39; car repair and start. Evidence that Hilux's most important features at Picku-pu are good – it's a stable and inexpensive problem for repairing. Even if we are totally parked in a fired building, we do not have to worry.

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In fact, it was said to be a big show in the UK Gear test. But he showed, whatever happened to his vehicle, he moved again. This is why it is not surprising that Hilux was selected for his program. It is worth mentioning that it was a symbol that was used to be a signature here that is clearly the signature of the time. The features of its model are apparent because it came to the North Pole and who participated in the South Pole tour.

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