Why is acne growing in the winter?


Why is acne growing in the winter?
Why is acne growing in the winter?

Why is acne growing in the winter? Why is acne increasing in winter? We are launching new news today through our telescope and start with the most important news, why are you doing? grow in the winter?

Endoscopy According to their beliefs who are interested in increasing spring and summer on their young grains, a recent study has shown that winter is a good season to increase pimples.

The results of the study published by the Time magazine indicate that cold and dry temperatures can cause burning, which is one of the main pactaculars for creating acne caused by a type of skin oil called "sebum" help to keep your moisturizing skin and soil Indeed, most locks have the most. Carpentry is present in the hens, nose and rings, making the place vulnerable to cheats.

The study states that one of the reasons that can cause chronic obstructions and its vulnerabilities. boosting, problem for patients suffering from acne, and in the case of acne; winter when the skin is open to low levels of ultraviolet light, the bacteria modifications and the immune system can rise Expansion of acne.

Oil-free skin glaziers can help to clean up their skin to reduce the water and to stop it; skin from overcoming the winter weather.

It is also suggested that it drags on the importance of the # 39; s which is to face the face with any scam or other protection when it is exposed to outdoor air at low temperatures, as cold conditions can be at least; pull a horn command and also stimulate dermatitis.

Doctors also stressed the need not to; Forget medicines for acne even in winter, as this may move to skincare to reduce the amount, but they should not clear their skin, # 39; winter.

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