Why is Brexit a "dramatic" for Belgium



The Belgian National Bank said Thursday that Brexit is "dramatic" for Belgium.

In fact Bryrexit will have a cost for the Belgians and no less. Indeed, according to the Belgian national bank, the worst situation associated with Brexit would be a 2.5% loss on Belgian purchasing power. Only 0.4% would go into the "soft" case from the United Kingdom of the EU.

"Belgium is one of the most popular nationsHans Geeroms, economist at the NBB, said. It's quite dramatic, the price that Belgians pay for a decision by the British to leave their single market t"In line with this, our impact on our GDP would continue to be a decrease of 0.9%." T Describing the most influential sectors, the economist referred to a chemistry area, a pharmacy. the motor industry, fishing and agriculture.

Special ministerial advice was held on Thursday morning to prepare Belgians for Brexit without agreement. Publishing "major work", the First Minister, Charles Michel, spoke about 250 legislative steps and governance to deal with a "hard Brexit". “These are very different measures that affect citizens 'rights, residence rights, social security issues, power and security of supply, financial affairs …' tsaid the Prime Minister.

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