Why is it important to clean the space waste?


An attempt to clear rubbish spoons from old rockets only helps not only astronauts but everyone else back on Earth, is a British engineer; carry out tests to show a clear space rod.

Its intention is to RemoveDEBRIS a & # 39; explore ways of using web and shells to capture some of the 16,000 to 20,000 pieces followed by using the # Exploring Earth, which is at the risk of the expansion of a spacecraft that will be launched.

The problem is also a problem for the soldiers who provide everything from GPS to weather data on the ground.

Simon Fellowes, who works at the University of Surrey Speyside in Guildford, has been experiencing difficulties with a problem that has not been handled now.

"He is getting sick and I think this is one of those things if you are now responding appropriately, he should not be too emergency, but must be addressed, and must be addressed now, "he explained.

"Everything we know and love of technology today is at risk of being damaged, destroyed or destroyed completely, so that you can do things lose as a GPS and the internet on your mobile phone, and everything that accompanies it. "

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Mr Fellowes said that delays would need to be delayed even RemoveDEBRIS launched due to an additional topic.

The engineer also explained that space organizations had been helpful throughout the project but were "responsibly naturally" too.

"There is a common agreement that this is a problem and needs to be addressed – and respond to the agencies, they have all been very helpful and support those we have but obviously they are naturally aware because we begin to use a place in ways that we did not do before. "

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