Why is Mouldy's Love a problem and how to settle it?


Redecan, a Canadian licensing representative, suffers from a huge blow of public relations following online reports to go to; selling its company to be & # 39; Cannabis and pesticide-containing cannabis were sold through Cannabis Columbia Ontario.

Ask Reddit Reddit photos on Reddit to find out about molluscs, whales and burrows from insects. On Thursday, his volunteer memory company published on his / her. a member of cannabis who said he received five objections. However, Redecan also commented that he "is a sample sample of this lot of lottery … and will not get any evidence of any damage in these samples." In another statement, the LP said "shoes are not dead in the RedeCan product. There are no holes excavated by insects." The company continued to say that the black specks are not in the pictures , bite, but "unsustainable organic material (protein carbohydrates)." Later on, the Rick Ricket LP tells the CityNews that he's using a bit is called persimilis to be & # 39; Protecting sea mill worms, as part of its organic growth process. "At a microscopic level, this may be our result," said Redecop.

The long term BC is a definition that Travis Lane does not buy.

"If you make such a mistake and you have made a physical evidence, do not make a lie about it," said Web, a founder who founded the Independent Cannabis Association BC, who praises craftsmen, to VICE . "The truth they are doing is making it clear that there is a problem."

Lane, who also runs a consultative group that is Specializing in organic wilderness agriculture, said he does not see health risk in the case of the shell as much as it is a consumer quality issue.

He said that cannabis is likely to be damaged and that it is common "when things are not done properly."

Lane said on the two most common edges of her; Bone may be powdered by a powder, light, powder, which starts on the pages and rarely goes on; hill, and botrytis (bud rot). Botrytis "takes inside shoes" and it is possible to destroy the crops completely, said Lane, saying that the same questions as her & # 39; black market.

He said that there are two of the key factors in preventing the roof of the house; control the moisture levels and air movement around the plants. But that can be much harder in the 100,000 square pitch, he said, or a greenhouse that was restored for clothing but previously used for different crops.

"This is a huge place and you try to control so many plants. One thing can happen in one part of the room and it can move around," he said.

Ronan Levy, Chief Operating Officer at Trait Biosciences, a biotechnological research company, added to VICE that he believes that mills are a big issue, both from a health and safety perspective and a business perspective.

"Obviously, because you are growing on a large scale, there are more plants, there are more people, there is more movement. A small amount of moisture that grows, is It's spread rapidly. "

Robert, formerly founded, has co-ordinated Canadian Cannabis Clinics, connecting to the Canadian medical cannabis program, saying that people who have threatened the protection of systems, such as cancer, and product consumption can be a matter of concern.

Under the Canadian Health regulations, an LP can contain 22 hidden poison. (Organigram, Hydropothecary, Aurora, and Mettrum have been found to have used pesticides that were stopped in the past.)

The Levy said that LPs had to give installments of supplies before they were cleaned, and they usually mean early use. But he said that more and more creators have more poorer infection in the & # 39; growth process, which means that there is more tax in the last product.

At the moment, Trait is a technology development that uses the bacteria that are naturally capable of developing a " occurring in cannabis plants to create small molecular cells of ribbonucleic acid to obstruct the development of molds and viruses.

"What happens do you do not have to put any poisonous intake to prevent the development of these diseases," he said, saying that the technology is one or two years away from being taken to market.

Lane can now tell VICE LPan that Canada's health certification certificates will be given to the top of its plant. He has been promoting Canadian Health to accept a special quality control system qualification and his / her; Identify all patches that are specific to bones.

VICE has come to Redecan for an additional view and is waiting to respond to & # 39; company.

In a statement, Store Cannabis Ontario said he was taking steps to address Redecan's mills. It provided users reimbursement. The OCS also advised consumers with product complaints to contact Canada Health and the LPs directly.

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